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Elections Are About Values and Principles

Elections are about values and principles

These are perilous times. Over the last three years, much of what America holds dear has come under threat. That includes individuality, freedom, personal property, and civility. Today truth and life itself are under threat.

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The country is at a crossroads. We have an election coming in just months. The results will likely define the country for a generation.

Science is in a battle with conjecture and instinct. What will we use to determine policy?

What happened in dealing with the now passed pandemic has been cringe-worthy.

Our streets are in chaos.

The armed wing of the Democrat Party is hurting people and damaging property. Democrat mayors and governors sit silently, looking on.

America is dealing with an epidemic of hysteria.

We don’t have a race problem. What we have is a problem with a denial that there is such a thing as objective truth. We have a problem with rewriting history. The mirage of centuries of racial injustice is delusional. America had slavery 150 years ago. The rest of the civilized world had it too.

Most of the rest of the world followed our example. America is the place where slavery ended. We are not perfect on race. Perfection is unattainable. But we work at improvement.

Values and principles matter

There are no remaining news organizations. There are no media companies fighting for truth. Few if any currently hold power to account. Our mainstream media and Big Tech are propaganda peddlers. But truth is just not optional. Truth is essential.

We need to provide the moral force for journalism. Journalism insists on truth. This is why the legacy media companies are dying. Having a place to acquire a non-progressive narrative is requisite to debate. Every one of us deserves equal access to fact-based news and analysis. America’s freedoms are at significant risk. We will have an election in the coming months and elections are about values and principles.

There are no neutrals in the coming election. It is time to recognize the situation we find ourselves in. Vote for the candidates who support your values and principles. Democracy, civility, truth are to be put to a vote. They along with our freedom, our property, and our lives literally rest on the results. Which side are you on?