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For Quite Some Time

the public sectors union handlers, who are really nothing more than fat cat capitalists selling shares in human flesh for a profit in the form of a dues check each pay period, have fought against the tide to raise salaries, benefits, and keep jobs that must be paid for by the people going the opposite direction.

The Illusion Of Zero Drop Outs

Governor Lynch is all about his success at reducing Drop Out rates in New Hampshire. (The number of high school age kids who leave school without graduation or achieving a recognized equivalent.) He even has a goal. New Hampshire will have a zero percent drop out rate by 2012. And based on the available data, I think he will succeed, but not in reducing actual “drop outs” to zero.

Meet Professor “Screw You”

On the front page of this mornings Union Leader reporter Clyntnon Mamuo covers negotiations between the University of New Hampshire, and some 630 professors over their new contract.  As is often the case with such things, there is some disparity between what the University feels is economically feasible and what the white-tower and it’s union …

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Redistribution of wealth

The Obama disaster tour is on the road complaining about how the Republicans are going to cut education funding by 20%. First, let me clarify that federal education funding could get cut 100% and I’d start to feel better, but since 20% is what we have to work with let’s work with it.

Number Poems

I neglected to share this, but on the first day of school this year my 5th grader’s first homework assignment in math was a math poem. Using numbers in a poem. That was the Math homework that day. Use numbers….to make a poem.

National Education Standards

Guest Post: Ann Marie Banfield   Dear Editor: At the last Bedford School Board Meeting, the Board was presented information on the adoption of National Standards.   The New Hampshire Department of Education recently voted to approve the adoption of Common Core Standards in Math and English.  During the testimony before the NH DOE, several people testified that the …

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The Cost Of Education

When something doesn’t work, and you are a democrat, well you just keep doing it.  These graphs come to us courtesy of Andrew J. Coulson at Big Government. Graph one Public education employees vs. student enrollment numbers. Graph number two–on the jump–is the inflation adjusted cost of public K-12 education (that’s taxpayer dollars spent) compared …

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