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SCOTUS Looks Ready to Tip Over Another Left-Wing Crap Wagon

New Hampshire Democrats have tied their government school monopoly to a crap wagon. It’s filled with the words “tax dollars can go to religious schools.” It’s in the NH state Constitution. Well, the US Supreme Court may be about to toss that limitation in Montana and that could tip over the NH crap wagon.

Kids Learning Reading Learn Everywhere

More Attacks on Learn Everywhere

Children learn through a variety of activities, including those outside the traditional school environment and schedule. This is no different if the student is five-years-old or fifteen.

Paying bills

What Is The Perfect Cost Of Education?

Parents, guardians, and students want to calculate the cost of college before enrollment. It helps with budgeting and reserving finances for other expenses. You also have to consider other factors not entered in the fees like professional dissertation writing and social life. The real cost of education will depend on several factors, as outlined below. …

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Pleasant Lies or Painful Truth

Pleasant Lies or Painful Truth

It is coming time for us to choose between pleasant lies or painful truth. Do federal policymakers really know how to improve productivity in the American economy? The answer seems to be NO. Education is a large sector of the American economy. If educational results are an indication, the answer is definitely in the negative.

Students Deserve the Best Education Possible

All our state’s students deserve the best education possible, and many people contribute to making that happen. Parents, teachers and school officials are all critical in the effort to educate our kids and help them unlock their potential. But our state legislators are also important, because they help set the overall approach that schools take …

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