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HB544 Is A Good Idea But…

I like the idea of “HB544 – relative to the propagation of divisive concepts” but feel the concept cries out for legal attention. This bill is not well-drafted, is overly wordy, has conflicting provisions, even asserts authority over the “unconscious.”  The terms “diversity” and “inclusion” are used but not defined.  There are no legislative findings …

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School Board Golden Calf

An Entire School Board Resigns After Getting Caught Disparaging Parents in an Online Meeting

It is a best practice to assume that boards and committees in your municipality, be it a plucky berg or a sprawling metropolis, secretly (or not so secretly) hold disdain for the people they claim to serve. The more liberal the area, the worse that attitude will be. They are not your friends, and you …

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Kids thumbs up

New Hampshire’s Education Choice Moment

“I think that eventually, school choice is going to be part of education.” Those were the words of Democratic state Rep. Barbara Shaw of Manchester, as she voted in the House Education Committee on Thursday to retain House Speaker Sherm Packard’s Education Freedom Accounts bill. 

School Choice

Why Can’t Johnny Get a Job?

The story from the employers or human resource officers over the past 10 years hasn’t changed. For every ten applicants for an entry-level job, over half cannot pass a simple literacy test.

Granite Crock: ‘Don’t confuse us with the facts!’

Long ago, a Congressman from my home state gained notoriety when he said, while defending Richard Nixon, ‘Don’t confuse me with the facts.’  I was reminded of this upon reading an article that Steve forwarded to me from the Granite Crock site, which was written to ‘debunk’ something I’d written.

‘Your money should follow my child’

A chant that has been gaining popularity is that where education is concerned, ‘the money should follow the child’.  A second, related chant is that ‘parents should be able to decide how to spend their education dollars’.