"My 9-Year Old Asked Me 'If Slavery Was Her Fault'..." - Granite Grok

“My 9-Year Old Asked Me ‘If Slavery Was Her Fault’…”

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As a parental rights advocate in New Hampshire, I’m hearing from parents and teachers across this state who are extremely bothered by the radicalization going on in their local public schools. Critical Race Theory teaches children, and even adults, that they are essentially part of two groups of people.

The Oppressor, sometimes called: Dominant culture who happens to be white, and the Oppressed, sometimes called: Subordinate culture who happens to be everyone else.

I wrote about this in my critique of “This Book is Anti-Racist.”

This Book is Anti-Racist was purchased for the middle school students in SAU16/Exeter. I wrote about the feelings of self-hatred, inferiority, victim-mentality, a child may walk away with after receiving this big dose of radical indoctrination.

If you want to know what Critical Race Theory is about, read that article to get a better understanding of how it teaches children to be prejudiced in their thoughts.

Some might call this psychological warfare on children. In some ways, they are right.  Because I hear from parents across the state, they share stories of what their children are saying about themselves when they come home from school. They share the self-hatred they are now developing about themselves because they have white skin.

One parent wrote (for instance) about how her daughter commented that all black people are good and all white people are bad. You can see that the seeds of prejudice have already started, based on what she is being taught in some New Hampshire public schools.

I’ve encouraged parents to take this to their local school boards. But even that is a challenge since they don’t want it turned around and used against them in this cancel-culture. They don’t want their children to suffer any consequences at school if their parents speak out. Even in this post below, the parent asked me to remove their name after I asked if I can post the screenshot.

I respect the privacy of the families I work with. I never share their personal information if they make that request. I do the same for teachers who are equally bothered by what they are now seeing forced on them and their colleagues.

It is one thing when adults have to deal with these clear violations of their civil rights; it is something completely different when they target children.

This comment below is ONE of many examples I am now seeing in New Hampshire. One mental health professional commented that this is psychological warfare against children. Based on what some of these kids are internalizing, how do you describe it any differently?

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