Why is Systemic Racism Apparent Mostly in Democrat Controlled Cities? - Granite Grok

Why is Systemic Racism Apparent Mostly in Democrat Controlled Cities?

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We’re told that America is “systemically racist.”  I don’t agree, but parts of America appear to be treated in a “systemically racist” way.   “Systemic” means a system, an organization, or process with legal authority. 

There are racists of every race, but the insults, slights, or actions they do without legal authority are individual, not systemic, actions.

People have falsely called Capitalism systemically racist.

Capitalism wants more exchanges of goods, services, and money. Neither Capitalism nor, typically, the participants care about other participants’ characteristics.  Consumers care about price, quality, attractiveness, and need for a product, not the race, gender, or other characteristics of the inventor, artist, chip maker, farmer, baker, trucker, salesperson, etc.

Our nation has laws against discrimination in many aspects of our society, e.g., housing, employment, and education.  Violators are subject to penalties.  “Hate crime” laws, which punish violence based on race, etc., are exceptions in our justice system which is charged with dispensing equal justice based on actions, not the actor.

Only Governments can legally inflict widespread harm to people, and there are places where Government actions seem “systemically racist”.

Activists often charge police with systemic racism and demand defunding the police, but police respond to crimes and requests for help.  Most residents of high-crime areas want the same number or more police in their neighborhoods, mostly only activists and criminals want fewer police officers.  There is no evidence that all, or even many, of America’s thousands of individual police forces, are systemically racist.

There are relatively few black neighborhoods in Democrat-controlled American cities where the impact of government actions does not appear “systemically racist.”  Most of these neighborhoods have high crime levels, poor schools, poverty, drugs, gangs, and provide sanctuary for illegal aliens who may exacerbate the other problems; and low levels of hope for the future.

In addition, to further harm black neighborhoods Democrat Mayors, Governors, and other officials allow rioters, mostly led by outsiders, to periodically rampage burning buildings and cars, destroying (often minority-owned) businesses that provide jobs and goods for the community, and injuring and killing people.

Does anyone really believe that their Democrat Mayors, City Councils, and other Government officials couldn’t solve these problems if they cared to?  These children aren’t dumb; they’re stuck in bad schools.  Most residents are law-abiding, but also hopeless because of the crime, drugs, and poor job opportunities.  These neighborhoods needed effective law enforcement.  These neighborhoods need political officials who care about the residents.

Republicans fight to make life better for every American: by fighting for good education opportunities for each child, by properly enforcing our laws to keep neighborhoods safe, and by generating good job opportunities so every American feels hopeful about their future.

Unfortunately, Democrats like things the way they are.  Democrats get what they want from these areas, votes and an issue, “systemic racism”, which, with the help of the media, they blame on American society rather than their own evil neglect and policies.