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Career Politicians and the modern Democrat Party in the USA

I do my best to be a non-partisan writer when it comes to politics, but at some point, one must stand for reason, justice, and reality. We can only spin ourselves into a fictional state of being for so long before it becomes exceedingly dangerous to ignore what is happening on our planet.

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Fight Back Against the Pro-Abortion Lobby’s Lies

With the passing of Texas’s new heartbeat law earlier this week that bans abortion after six weeks, the radical abortion lobby in New Hampshire has seized the opportunity to continue beating the drum of abortion fear-mongering.

Democrats Are Black Lives Matter.

Democrats Are Black Lives Matter

The Democrats are Black lives Matter (BLM). It did not start out that way. But the Democrats did bargain for a ride on the crocodile’s back. They made the calculated decision to do nothing to reign in the anarchy and violence. It does not matter why.

Sen John Kennedy R-LA

Democrat Party: You Work and We Take.

“Redistribution and race underpins all of their policies, and I don’t recognize this Democrat Party. Here’s what I learned from last night. Vice President Biden may be the nominee of the party, but Bernie Sanders is the head of the party, that’s clear.