Democrat Primary Voters Didn't Like Harris But She's Effectively their Nominee for President - Granite Grok

Democrat Primary Voters Didn’t Like Harris But She’s Effectively their Nominee for President

Touting Plans for a ‘Harris Administration’

The VP nominee is touting plans for a ‘Harris Administration’.  Gaffe, faux pax, or stumble, it does make you stop and think.  Almost everyone is speculating VP nominee Harris is going to take the Oval Office if the Dems win the general election.


It seems pretty obvious given Biden’s diminishing cognitive abilities. There are lots of rumors about the party simply using Biden to win the White House. The expectation is he would step down soon from office allowing Harris to take over. And it is difficult to dismiss the idea as a conspiracy theory.

During a virtual roundtable with Arizona small business owners, the VP nominee began unveiling plans for a “Harris administration.”  The campaign’s “Build Back Better” initiative.

The slip and the recovery

Harris said, “A Harris administration, together with Joe Biden as the president of the United States…” Then she caught herself and clarified, “The Biden-Harris administration will provide access to $100 billion in low-interest loans and investments from minority business owners.”

Joe Biden also continues to demonstrate a lot of strange behavior. It is particularly noticeable during interviews and speeches. He seems to experience a lot of confusion. Biden loses his train of thought during simple questions or forgetting the question altogether. Then he rambles incoherently about things that have nothing to do with the conversation.

This has left many wondering if the real presidential campaign isn’t Harris for president. The party is taking advantage of Biden’s name recognition and experience. It helps in trying to defeat Trump in November. But, could this really be their plan?

Should they win in November, is the Democratic Party going to have Joe Biden step down? Will he exit due to dementia? If so it allows Harris to sit in the Oval Office. Is that why they worked so hard to make him the official nominee in the first place? Did they make a strategic calculation? They will have an excuse to remove him. The tricky part was who did they really want in office? You have to admit the way the field collapsed was unusual.

It sounds far-fetched. But the truth is often stranger than fiction. How honest do we expect politicians to be? Do you actually expect to know who the Party really intends to put in the office? You have to admire the audacity of such a plan but what will Democrat primary voters think. They didn’t like Harris at all, and now she’s  effectively the nominee for president.