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Joe Biden’s Afghanistan Exit Disaster is Payback to China

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The Biden-Family connections to China are numerous and sketchy. Millions of dollars have changed hands, and if you missed my interview with Jim Simpson over the weekend, you missed his Biden/China hot take on Afghanistan.

We were talking about his latest book, Who is Karl Marx, “The Men, the Motives, and the Menace behind Today’s Rampaging American Left.” We got on the subject of what to do about all those rampaging Marxists. One of the “good things” is that the Left always overreaches, which wakes up people who might typically avoid politics or keep their heads down.

This is true, and the overreach discussion led briefly to this exchange about Joe Biden’s debacle in Afghanistan.

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“The latest example is this absolute calamity that Joe Biden has created in Afghanistan. I mean, he couldn’t have done worse if he sat down with the Taliban and said how could we screw this up for America…what’s the worst we could do to screw this up for America. They would have up come up with a plan that probably wasn’t as bad as what he’s come up with.”

Listen to the whole thing…


“And I’ll tell you something else. That move by President Biden, I believe this – I don’t have direct evidence but I believe it with every fiber of my being, that that massive, massive disaster was created deliberately – He ignored all the advice of all his military leaders…and abandoned Bagram airfield…and we just essentially vanished. And I firmly believe that this was one of Joe Biden’s paybacks to the communist Chinese. They are getting their pound of flesh out of Joe Biden for all of the millions of dollars he and his family have received from them.”

Could that really be a thing?

The NY Post has reported that China looks forward to deepening ties with Afghanistan. They are offering investments and financial support to rebuild in the wake of the disastrous US departure. They also plan to recognize the Taliban as the legitimate rulers of Afghanistan.

The Taliban – perhaps in return – though it claims that it will not be a base for Uyghur separatist militants – might consider training terrorists to attack the West?

Wait. It already has. China has a decades-long relationship with the Taliban.

Proxy warfighters fit nicely with China’s “investment” strategy and complement their growing military build-up. Wear down opponents with well-financed terror attacks for years. Take out some key infrastructure, perhaps. The Taliban can even help the Chinese oppress the Uyghur.

I imagine our decades-long presence in Afghanistan put at least some damper on this ease of association. But now we’re outta there!

What’s more, China is a nuclear power. The possibilities of expanding a lasting relationship with jihadis seem endless.

And now that our US Southern border is wide open (again), and the border patrol is worn out and worn thin thanks to Joe, we’re just asking for it.

Is that another Biden favor for his CCP buddies?

And what’s next from Taliban Joe?

The intelligence infrastructure is leaking news that they gave Biden plans upon plans for a sensible exit from Afghanistan, but he ignored them, as Jim notes in his remarks.

Joe may not have all his marbles, but on paper, he’s still the president. We know he and his family have deep ties to China, and he owes them.

It is not a stretch to agree with Jim’s gut. That China is getting its pound of flesh out of Joe Biden.

The next question is, how many more pounds will they require, who will have to pay, and how?

One more point. Biden isn’t the only Democrat who owes China favors or has been used by them or on whom they have dirt.