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Former NHGOP Chair Jennifer Horn Left the GOP Years Ago But Now It’s Official

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Jennifer Horn’s Trump Derangement Syndrome went WELL past WuFlu panic-porn years ago so this development should not surprise us. We may have even predicted it.

ICYMI:  New Hampshire COVID19 Threat Index Update 12/16/2020

Lincoln Project co-founder, former New Hampshire GOP chair leaving Republican Party

Jennifer Horn, the former chairwoman of the New Hampshire Republican Party and a co-founder of the anti-Trump GOP group The Lincoln Project, announced Thursday in a new op-ed that she is leaving the Republican Party as President Trump and his allies continue their efforts to challenge the results of the 2020 presidential election.

Horn said she “became a Republican” because she viewed the party’s values as “a voice for equality, freedom and constitutional conservatism, with a rich history of fighting for what was right because it was right.”

The most memorable thing for me is that she cemented her proclivity to run away from political mud flinging like a little girl instead of standing up the NH Democrats like the leader she portrayed herself to be. Any time, any where, a Democrat had accusations against a Republican while she was that “Chair” (yeah, I’ll go there: wood for character), she’d double down for the Democrat, throw the Republican to the political wolves, and run away from it as fast as her chubby legs would take her.

Just like Mittens but with a mouth that never stopped yapping. And in joining the Democrat Stupidness (and bankrolled) “Lincoln Project” as a “co-founder”, once again she failed at even that. Post mortums have show that the Lincoln Project accomplished just three things:

  • Ticked off Republicans, especially when they started after lower ticket Republicans
  • ROYALLY ticked off their Progressive bankrollers, stupid thinking that this crew would actually sway any Republican
  • EXTREMELY ticked off the Democrat Operatives and regular Dems thinking they would move the needle but just ended up wasting all their cash.

And NOW, nobody wants them. Any of them. Especially her (after financially screwing her pool guy).  And for the chaser of the “dollar on a string in a trailer park”, JHo couldn’t even begin to score as “co-founder” as the real ones raked in 6 and 7 digit grift paydays – and last thing I saw was a measly $20K for herself. Yeah, succeeding downward.

Well, she now speaks like a Democrat so why not throw her to them? And her final toss-off:

Glad to see she’s all in on voter fraud.  I’m not a betting man by any means but I’d bet the house that she can’t cogently put together a simpleton’s argument in defense of this claim:

The GOP has ransacked our Constitution and attempted a coup.

Yep, she’s now merely a Democrat of low standing, even lower credibility, and even a more decrepit handle on reality. She’s devolved to moronic Democrat talking points and I’m betting she couldn’t even come up with five and defend them well in an elementary school debate.

To quote that TV show that TMEW likes to watch from time to time:

You ARE the Weakest Link!!

(H/T: RedStateWatcher)