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Stop Giving Money to Dartmouth (‘cuz Climate Fraud)

Dartmouth did some excellent research on carbon sequestration by forests in New Hampshire. Trees sequester carbon into themselves and into the soil. Good work. But they then ruined it by making it about manmade co2 and climate change.

Garrett muscatel

Dem State Rep LIES About Being ‘Fearful’ at his School Over Sununu Vetoes

Governor Sununu rightfully vetoed the Bloomberg-backed legislation that Democrats in the house and senate shoved through the legislature. Of course, they were all in a tizzy about it over on Twitter, apparently their backer, Michael Bloomberg, probably isn’t going to be happy with his little Muppets. For the record, it was Grassroots Granite Staters who …

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Dartmouth Professor OK With Doxxing Catholic Boys from Covington

Dartmouth keeps the good times rolling. In late 2017 over 100 Dartmouth professors agreed that it was acceptable to use violence and intimidation to silence speech with which you disagree. This week we have Dartmouth Associate Professor Jeff Sharlet saying “I’ll have no problem with someone doxxing these boys.”