Dartmouth Professor Compares #Reopen Protesters to Nazi Sympathizers - Granite Grok

Dartmouth Professor Compares #Reopen Protesters to Nazi Sympathizers


If you do not recall Professor Jeff Sharlet, back in January of 2019, he showered glory on Dartmouth College when he said, “I’ll have no problem with someone doxxing these boys.” He’s referring to the Covington High kids who got smeared by the media.

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This “brilliant” author and “academic” doubled down, adding that the Covington creeps” as worse than the “violent anti-Semitic bullies” in his “working-class white, fairly racist high school.”

This go-round Sharlet is sharing his thoughts on the #Reopen movement, in a series of tweets captured by the College Fix.


Wait, you say. Where’s that bit about Nazis?


Once again, free-market capitalism and individual liberty are aligned (by a “brilliant” professorial mind) with National Socialism.

Because they have nothing in common. 

And I don’t recall anyone screeching at nurses. We actually like them. More than the Left. We’re strong supporters of First Responders. But Sharlet would never know that. I doubt he keeps the company of a single person who disagrees with his brilliant leftism. And anyone who dares to openly think outside that tiny box on or off-campus is discouraged, silenced, or driven off. He’s probably never worked with anyone like that, either.

This leaves him with the impression he has created in his own mind, shared with progressive peers. An intellectually inbred plantation of the mind that glorifies domestic terror groups like Antifa. Encourages individuals who support the doxxing of children, or even compares JROTC students to Nazi Youth.

They are a very intolerant bunch, given all this obsession with diversity. But that only means they’ll accept any shape, color, age, or gender as long as it goose-steps intellectually with the Elites. If not, you are poop on their expensive shoes.

A superior class of people who, in a pandemic world, are of almost no use to anyone with practical needs. Sharlet, for example, is a director of creative writing, so he has absolutely no value in the dystopian, apocalyptic Coronavirus hell he pretends exists.

He probably can’t even dig a grave. But if we need a bitchy privileged douchebag, he’s our guy.

Not much use for that in the terrible world he sees from wherever the hell he has sheltered because his job is non-essential. Passing judgment on the folks who are rallying around the #Reopen movement.

Truckers, packers, loaders, shelf stockers, people who make, assemble and build things. Farmers, plumbers, electricians, cops. Even health care workers, many of whom have been laid off or are working reduced hours. 

A smart guy like Shalet should know that but he’s too busy comparing them to Nazi sympathizers.

Maybe he’ll write a book about it. We can use the pages when we run out of toilet paper.