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#Woke Dartmouth College has to Pay 14 Million Dollar Sexual Harassment Settlement


Seven women and some 65 others will share a piece of the 14 million dollar settlement to be paid out by Dartmouth College. Plaintiffs sought 70 million, for what, you ask? Systemic sexual misconduct (nice phrase, yes?) by three Dartmouth College Professors going back to 2002.

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Seven women are suing Dartmouth College for sexual assault, harassment and discrimination that they say they experienced from three prominent professors who, according to the suit, turned a human behavior research department “into a 21st-century Animal House.”

For over a decade, the professors — Todd Heatherton, William Kelley and Paul Whalen — “leered at, groped, sexted, intoxicated and even raped female students,” according to the court papers, which were filed Thursday in federal court in New Hampshire.

The seven women and dozens of others who joined in a class action claim Dartmouth College knew about it and did nothing. #Woke Dartmouth, a gem of the Ivy League, with all its diversity, equity, bulls**t allowed sexual harassment to go unnoticed and unpunished across two decades?

“The seven Plaintiffs, each an exemplary female scientist at the start of her career, came to Dartmouth to contribute to a crucial and burgeoning field of academic study. Plaintiffs were instead sexually harassed and sexually assaulted by the Department’s tenured professors and expected to tolerate increasing levels of sexual predation,” the lawsuit states.

That’s the claim. And the court seems to agree, though not to the 70 million originally requested.

federal judge has submitted final approval of a $14 million settlement in a class-action lawsuit against Dartmouth College for allegedly ignoring years of harassment and assault by former psychology professors. …

An independent party will determine the individual sums awarded to each person, and any remaining money will be donated to the New Hampshire Coalition Against Domestic and Sexual Violence.

In addition, Dartmouth pledged to the pursuit and implementation of several reforms including hiring more diverse faculty and expanding its partnership with WISE, a Lebanon-based nonprofit that offers support to survivors of gender-based violence.

I’m not clear on how hiring more diverse faculty has anything do with it, but I’m not an Ivy League University that allowed professors to intoxicate and rape students and colleagues for more than a decade. Who am I to judge.