If NH Dems Want More Money for Public "Education" Dartmouth has a 6 Billion Dollar Endowment - Granite Grok

If NH Dems Want More Money for Public “Education” Dartmouth has a 6 Billion Dollar Endowment


Dartmouth College is loaded. They are RICH! By which I mean more money than Oprah (2.6B). If they were one of those other greedy Americans, they’d be, well, George Lucas is worth 5.4 Billion, so they are bigger than him. So, if NH Dems want cash for schools (cough cough), the gateway to these riches is in Hanover.

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Money they’re saving for what? To pay off the next sexual harassment lawsuit; which just shows you how well those mandatory sensitivity training sessions work. No worry, they can afford both. Dartmouth is swimming in endowment cash that they are already wasting

CONCORD, N.H. (AP) — Dartmouth College President Philip Hanlon said Tuesday he is pleased with the school’s endowment return given how volatile the markets were in the second half of the year because of the coronavirus pandemic.

The endowment has grown to $6 billion after generating a return of 7.6% for the fiscal year that ended June 30.

The endowment contributed about 30%, or more than $270 million, to the college’s annual operating budget last year, officials said Tuesday. That helped fund a record-high level of undergraduate financial aid, diversity and inclusivity initiatives and scholarly research.

Diversity and inclusivity initiatives? They’d get more value burning it to heat homes in the rural areas north and east of the campus. Still cheaper than their plans for our electricity rates.

Or, instead of actually burning it, which would release harmful CO2 and particulates into the atmosphere (I hear that’s a naughty nasty no-no), give it to New Hampshire Democrats. They can pretend it is for funding public education programs.  Translation: Give it to the union laundromat so it can become in-kind contributions, end up with NGO activist groups, and in illiberal election campaign coffers.

A goofy scheme to run the scam from Concord; redistributing influence to the state capitol. Both the money and the control because the two are co-joined like Siamese twins. Sorry for the harsh bigoted ableist rhetoric. Co-joined twins.

But wait! Instead of robbing the locals of their power and influence or anyone else, you could sashay up to Hanover and milk Dartmouth’s cow. No worry about doing it, stealing money from people who have it is what Democrats do best. It’s part and parcel of your criminal enterprise—the extortion of productive people to enlarge your own sense of self-worth. Look at the “good things” I can do if you allow me to write laws that legalize theft. Taxation is after all (or so I have heard) theft. So, steal it from Dartmouth.

Tell them it’s for the children.