Dartmouth College Democrats Want Non-Resident Students to Vote Absentee in NH Elections - Granite Grok

Dartmouth College Democrats Want Non-Resident Students to Vote Absentee in NH Elections


The Dartmouth College Democrats are encouraging the entire undergraduate class to request an absentee ballot from Hanover, New Hampshire. But half of the undergraduates will not be one campus, and most of those will be learning remotely from outside the state.

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In other words, Democrats want non-residents, not even in the state, to vote by mail from wherever they are outside of New Hampshire.


The Dartmouth College Democrats sent an email on August 12 to undergraduate students, encouraging them to request an absentee ballot for the state primary and presidential election, even though some of the students may not be living in Hanover, New Hampshire, where the college is located.


This is ballot box stuffing; vote fraud, clear as day.

These ‘students’ are at home and should vote in the town and state where they are now. Not where they could be in theory under other circumstances. A place where, even on campus, they do not live. They will never file taxes form their dorn address or be asked to serve on a jury. Heck, they can’t even license a dog in New Hampshire, but we should let them vote in our elections.

So, why limit it to these folks? If being neither a resident nor present are any limitations to choosing New Hampshire’s elected officials, why not just email the entire party list and assign them towns and races to steal?

Sorry, this is a deliberate effort to subvert the will of the actual residents of New Hampshire. Not a surprising problem for our Dems. They’ve been stealing elections (especially in campus towns) for years. So much so that local College Democrats think nothing of emailing out of staters who will not be in -state on election day to tip the totals in their favor.

It’s disgusting.