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Democrat Challenge to NH Voting Requirement Collapses as Dartmouth Students Drop Lawsuit


New Hampshire Democrats have been telling anyone that will listen that Republicans are suppressing student votes. That was always a lie, as we’ve explained here as recently as this morning, but they took their latest tirade to court anyway and lost. Or should I say, had to walk away?

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Two days ago, the State Supreme Court in New Hampshire answered some questions.

The Federal Court hearing a challenge by two Dartmouth Students and the ACLU-NH had asked for clarification on matters of residence and domicile. The case in question was whether the state could require students attending college to become full-fledged members of the state.

How? This will sound familiar. Get an NH Driver’s license with your New Hampshire address on it and register your car in the state. Just like the rest of us.

It’s a POLL TAX! They screamed. 

Really? Because you’ve been paying it just like the rest of us without a peep. If it’s not a poll tax when you or I pay it, guess what? It’s proof that you do intend to live here.

It’s vote suppression! They screamed.

Really? What’s stopping them from voting by mail, absentee, from the address on their out-of-state driver’s license or ID? Democrats are what or who and that has not changed but this has.

The students wanted to vote in New Hampshire while attending college, but didn’t intend to remain in the state after graduation. Both have driver’s licenses from other states, but they don’t own cars. They registered to vote in New Hampshire in 2018. The state Democratic Party also joined as a plaintiff. …

The court wrote that nonresident college students who wish to drive in the state, reside there for more than six months in any year and whose vehicles “are principally used in connection with the New Hampshire abode” must register them in New Hampshire and get a New Hampshire driver’s license, even if they don’t vote in the state.

So, it’s a big win, yes? No. Sort of, maybe not really.

We’ve passed a hurdle, but students will still be voting in New Hampshire. The rest of the process makes it nearly impossible to deny them a ballot if they show up on election day with an ID that has a New Hampshire address on it, even a temporary campus address. All they have to do is sign the affidavit that no one will ever check or follow up. And even if they did follow up,, those votes once cast will elect candidates who will not be challenged or removed from office.

The only real win is that we’ve moved the ball down the field. The next step is to end same-day registration and then to put a stake in the heart of open primaries. Only then will we have wrestled our elections back from the brink. 

I’m not holding my breath.

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