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Sure Looks Like Sizable #MailInVoting Fraud in the College Towns

Tom Steyer

So … check this out, courtesy of Tom Steyer’s @NextGenAmerica:

Note the massive increase in turnout from Dartmouth. But did you know that Dartmouth is only allowing one-half of its students to be on-campus at a time?

Dartmouth will bring half of its undergraduates to campus for fall term, President Philip J. Hanlon ’77 and Provost Joseph Helble announced today in an email to the community. …

To date, 1,015 graduate and professional school students have returned to campus and have been tested for the virus. None have tested positive. The other half of the undergraduate population will spend fall term at home, learning remotely. Over the course of the coming academic year, most undergraduates will have the opportunity to spend two terms on campus.

The obvious question is how can turnout increase at the very time that the number of students is cut in half? Shouldn’t we be seeing turnout decrease because one-half of the student-population remain at their real homes, where they have been living since the State was “locked down” months ago?

The obvious answer is that out-of-State students are voting absentee in New Hampshire from their real homes in California, New York, etcetera.

As for UNH, apparently 850 students chose not to return to school:

Same question … Shouldn’t turnout be down, not up?

As far as I could tell … and I must admit my eyes glazed over with all the COVID-hysteria I saw on the Keene State and Plymouth State websites … these schools are reopening. But aren’t the Democrat-youth the demographic that most buy into COVID-hysteria and, consequently, most likely to take the school year off and cower in their basements? So … I ask again … why is turnout increasing?

The “bottom-line” appears to be that the new voter-residency requirement not only has had no effect on voting by out-of-State college students, the problem is actually getting worse. Presumably, this is because the Democrats have gotten the word out that Sununu is not enforcing the law.

Understand that the law does not require an out-of-State college student to present a New Hampshire driver’s license to vote, but only to obtain a New Hampshire driver’s license after voting. As far as I know there is no process in place to check whether out-of-Staters actually follow the law after voting and obtain a New Hampshire’s driver’s license. And based on anecdotal evidence, it appears that the NH-Democrats … certainly with the help of Tom Steyer … have gotten the word to college students that the law is a toothless tiger.

This won’t affect Chris Sununu. He is running against the Howdy Doody show. But Donald Trump does not have that luxury. Hopefully someone or someones at the Trump campaign are asking Sununu just what the hell is going on in these college towns.