Potential VP Candidate: Illegal aliens “are now no longer able to elect anyone who represents them" - Granite Grok

Potential VP Candidate: Illegal aliens “are now no longer able to elect anyone who represents them”

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The rumors that Stacey Abrams is being considered as a potential Biden VP are all over the map. But the name keeps popping, so we have to assume it is somewhere in the mix. Imagine a President Abrams, if that’s true. Eeek! Crazy Town. And it just got crazier.

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This onetime failed candidate for governor of Georgia has a mission – to remove the influence of white people in elections. Hey, everyone needs goals. And there’s nothing wrong with wanting representation that is “representative,” but Abrams, who likes to say things that make Democrats cringe isn’t exactly winning hearts and minds.

Her latest bit of editorializing, from the land of lockdown, plays right into what got Trump elected in the first place.  Border control rule of law, and America First.

We’re all descended from folks who were once immigrants. Even the native Indian population came from someplace else to claim these lands. None of us is from here. So there is plenty of room for folks from anywhere who want to be Americans, not just live in America, or live off America.

Every nation has borders and security policies and controls who comes in and who can stay. It is not an alien concept. But the left, and folks like Abrams, have an electoral strategy that requires the mass-importation of new Democrat voters, see also illegal aliens. Pile them into a certain number of states and boom, Democrat presidents, and majorities in the US House forever.

It’s not happening fast enough, and Stacey Abrams is concerned that these people “are now no longer able to elect anyone who represents them.”

That’s the same lie NH Democrats regurgitate over opposition to out-of-state college kids voting in the Granite State. You are suppressing their vote, they say! That’s bullshit! They can vote absentee from their home town for every election during which they are displaced like every other voting-age citizen. Not one Republican has ever tried to stop them.

Democrats, well, I think there might be a case for confusing them into not voting by mail unless it is on ballots here in New Hampshire, which blows their original argument out of the water. If voting by mail is good, why isn’t voting absentee ballot by mail good, too?

Hint; they are not voting for Democrats in NH that way.

But I have yet to see or hear (and pardon me if I missed it) a unified response to the NH left when it raises the specter of vote suppression. Here, let me help you with your talking point.

“Who’s stopping them from voting absentee in their home state?”/crickets?

Likewise, those having entered the US illegally or even legally entered but who are not citizens can still vote, assuming they have that from where they came. They can vote for individuals to represent them back home. They may have to go home to do it if they do not have absentee voting, but that is not my problem.

We have rules and laws and a process for changing them. Though I do have one question, what does Stacey mean by “no longer?” And why isn’t the solution to that, helping them get back home where they can vote?

The same reason used by the Democrats in NH, actually.

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