Drug Regulation

Rarely are congressional hearings due to a problem coming full circle. But recently Senator Grassley dragged executives from seven top pharmaceutical companies before a Senate Finance Committee hearing. Ostensibly he was trying to clear the “secrecy” behind how companies set prices. Lawmakers frequently call for increased transparency and legislative oversight of healthcare and especially pharmaceuticals. …

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Affordable Quality Healthcare

Trump administration does it for the children Don’t we want a properly functioning healthcare system? Hasn’t the time come to make it happen? The Trump administration is moving this month to make healthcare providers disclose their prices. That includes the prices they charge insurers. The new initiative complements several related steps the administration has taken. …

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Honest Talk About Abortion

Current events Democrats want to you to believe they care for children and they stand for protection of American children. For example, they claim they will protect your children from the evils of trans fats, okay. They claim they would protect your children from gay conversion therapy, okay. But somehow, they don’t care if doctors …

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