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Democrats Unions – Oppose Educational-Excellence

Democrats Support Unions - Oppose Educational Excellence

Democrats’ plan at the national, state and local level is to support unions and oppose educational excellence. They are working to curb or reverse the spread of charter schools. Our kids are brilliant and curious. It’s not fair to keep them down by not supporting education that works.

Freedom is about choice

Why shouldn’t parents have a choice about their children’s education? The New Hampshire Governor’s Council voted to not accept $46 million for charter schools. How is that anything but an attack on New Hampshire’s children and the future of the state? It is more than myopic, it is pernicious in intent.

Many have found in charters a lifeline to escape failing public schools. Mayor Buttigieg and former VP Uncle Joe have both expressed issues with charters. They clearly do not care about finding alternatives to what is not working. They agree with the Governor’s Council.

The quality of education does not matter. The cost of education does not matter. To Democrats, all that matters is pandering to a Union base. Fortunately, an increasing number of teachers are coming to understanding the need for a new path forward… for the best interest of the kids.

“Our children, our choice”

The chants of “Our children, our choice” are getting louder. The political class sends their children to private schools. At the same time, they are working actively to block choice for their constituents. The hypocrisy of such positions is glaring. It is “do as I say not as I do.”

We need to understand exactly what we are listening to. The position of the party is polarized. Democrat leadership in the New Hampshire House had to discipline one of their own. Representative Le published a profanity-laced anti-education rant on social media. That did not get her removed from leadership. It did get her suspended from the Education Committee while the legislature isn’t in session.

Privatize or flight to quality?

Bernie argues charters are a ploy to “privatize” education.” Lieawatha agrees. Both seem to be in opposition to federal funding for any school except a public school even though charter schools are public schools. Both propose dramatically increasing funding for the traditional education system with no plan to actually achieve better educational outcomes.

The Democratic shift against charters reflects the lack of respect for poor and minority communities. The education establishment is largely run by the political class. Their strategy seems to be: Be quiet and hope it goes away. How does that improve educational outcomes? How is that use of government to better meet the people’s needs?

Education has become a burning ship going down with our kids on it. Shouldn’t we be trying to get kids on lifeboats? The concern of many parents is their children will not be able to attend a non-failing school. Specifically, they fear there will be no high-quality alternative nearby.

More promises are 60 years of mumbles

Many parents see in Democrat plans to improve existing public schools a pocket full of mumbles. Democrats have not made the system better in the last sixty years. Why is it reasonable to expect the next sixty will produce a different result? If you always do what you’ve always done; you’ll always get what you’ve always gotten.

What should be happening is we should be asking parents for their opinions. We don’t need candidates saying, ‘Have I got a plan for you.’ The most potent opposition to charters comes from teachers’ unions. They have long been among the largest donors to Democrat politicians.

There is broad support for charter schools. The results charters produce is the reason. They produce a better quality product for lower cost. The time has come to vote our own best interest not partisan bigotry. Democrats plan at the national, state and local level is to support unions and oppose educational excellence.