Is the Wiping of Meuller Investigation Team Phones Obstruction? - Granite Grok

Is the Wiping of Meuller Investigation Team Phones Obstruction?


As they investigate Robert Mueller’s special counsel investigation of the Russian collusion myth pieces of the tale just keep coming out. Mueller exerted little to no control over what was going on.

He’s supposed to be the steely-eyed force of justice taking Trump down… until he didn’t. The investigation found no Trump ties to Russia and Mueller emerged publicly as a low energy, confused shadow of his media personae

Mueller’s underlings ran the show.

We spent $35 million to drag out of a pointless investigation because when investigators knew they were in a dry hole they did not stop. Why? They went on sucking the taxpayer dry.  They were making sure to cover their own tracks. But why?

Last week the Justice Department released documents. There is documentation of the wiping or disabling somehow of several dozen phones belonging to members of Mueller’s team. The DoJ Inspector General Michael E. Horowitz was to examine them.

Remember Horowitz? His office was reviewing the special counsel’s investigation. In each case, the phones were somehow accidentally rendered useless. How curious… The DoJ destroying evidence. How and why?

Which way did they go?

Two were “in airplane mode, with no passcode available, no data recovery ability recovered so had to be wiped.”

  • Disgraced FBI lawyer Lisa Page’s phone was inexplicably restored to factory settings.
  • Lawyer James Quarles’ phone underwent spontaneous self wiping.
  • Several other phones, such as Mueller deputy Andrew Weissman’s, were disabled after inputting too many incorrect passwords.

It should be noted that disabling an iPhone this way, including the timeouts, would take well over an hour of effort. Oopsie… right? Well no.

We need accountability.

These were not accidental occurrences. One maybe, two might be a coincidence, but more than a dozen is a pattern. Something is going on and it is organized and coordinated. We should investigate the Mueller team.

Should this mass wiping be viewed as criminal obstruction? Others have faced serious consequences for much less. These same federal attorneys sought to imprison George Papadopoulos for less. They wanted to send Papadopoulos away for 20 years. His offense; switching cell phones and deactivating his Facebook account.


The government argues Papadopoulos knowingly committed obstruction per 18 US Code section 1519. They said he did so with the intent of impeding or otherwise influencing a federal investigation. Papadopoulos admitted doing it but said he acted on advice of counsel. It is quite simply tyranny when the government does what is illegal for you and me and gets away with it.

But, it is beyond suspicious that all these phones and the evidence they held were accidentally disabled. That it happened en masse, just as the OIG was closing in, simply is not credible. The magnitude of the destruction is prima facie evidence of a cover up. This brings us to the more interesting question; what do the investigators have to hide? We should investigate the Mueller Team.

Perhaps the Mueller team believed they could get away with this. They must have known the boss had “seen better days.” The Washington Examiner’s Byron York interviewed a number of people that had worked with Mueller when he was at the height of his abilities. He had been a sharp, no-nonsense federal lawman.

Unfortunately, in recent years they had seen him slip. Their old friend and colleague seemed mentally and physically tired. Mueller’s highly anticipated July 2019 congressional testimony came as a surprise to many.

They had an expectation of the special counsel being incisive, combative, and devastating. They got a frail old man with nothing new to say. It is incredible nobody took notice of this going into the investigation. It is harder still to understand why no one brought it up during the investigation. Isn’t it curious that Joe Biden too fits that mold?