Dems Run on Absurd Economic Ideas … Part 1 of 3 - Granite Grok

Dems Run on Absurd Economic Ideas … Part 1 of 3

Leftists fall short in many areas. They are full of big, bold ideas that no one can implement or pay for. Ideas, many of which were on display during the last two 2020 presidential hopeful debates. It’s one thing to have an idea, but it is quite another to be able to transform it into reality.

Whose money are you spending?

Most of the big, bold ideas leftists manage articulate are just out of touch with reality. They do spend more and more of your children’s’ and grand children’s’ and your great grand children’s’ money. The sad part is, people think the ideas sound good. In fact, good enough so voters are duped into supporting them.

America is not the richest country on earth. We are broke. Not only are we broke, but we owe more than $22.5 trillion. And we are still running $1 trillion per year deficits. We are borrowing to pay our current period bills.

If America was a business… it would not be a going concern. What’s worse is that we have unfunded liabilities running to hundreds of trillions of dollars. Unfunded liabilities would be promises to pay for benefits under Social Security, Medicare and pension systems. Unfunded means there’s no pot of money and no source of revenue sufficient to meet the obligation.

Think of it this way…

After the latest round of debates the Washington Post editorial board said it this way: “Why go to the trouble of running for president to promote ideas that can’t work?”

Candidates run to get elected. To get elected they are willing to mouth silly economic ideas like this. Healthcare should be free. The idea sounds great.

Everyone getting treatment for ‘free’ when they are sick is an entitlement. Everybody gets sick, right? So why should anyone have to pay for healthcare? The problem is; when no one pays for it, someone has to be forced to provide that free healthcare, well… for free.

That means the doctor or nurse have to work for nothing. It means the medical equipment has to be gotten for nothing. The drugs prescribed have to be made and transported for nothing.

Do you want to be the healthcare provider, equipment provider, druggist? Do you think you’d want that provider treating you? Leftists say that’s not their argument. Yes, but it will be your problem, if they get their way.

Leftists say a taxpayer-funded system would fix everything. Except when you introduce socialism into the equation you get insane tax rates, deadly inefficiencies and absurd price and wage controls.


Everyone with a lick of smarts, everyone who doesn’t want to work for less than they are worth, gets out of the industry. This means that eventually, if you want to have people to provide all that free healthcare, you have to force them. Didn’t we abolish slavery over a century and a half ago? Just think abut it…