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A September Surge in Coronavirus in N.H. Finds no Surge in the Disease

There was big coronavirus news for New Hampshire this week, and most of the media missed it.  At his Thursday press conference, Gov. Chris Sununu displayed a graphic (pictured below) showing that the average number of coronavirus tests per day has more than doubled since mid-August.

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What COVID19 Looks Like Without NY and NJ – Pandemic? What Pandemic?

As I’ve blogged about before, only a tiny fraction of all US counties contain the vast majority of COVID19 deaths. New Jersey and New York have most of them. So, what does America’s “Pandemic” look like without those two. This chart shows the difference.

Coronavirus and the entrepreneur

Coronavirus and the Entrepreneur … David and Goliath

Michael Crawford is a former Walt Disney Co. executive. Crawford’s future is happy and without masks. It does not have people going out of their way to remain “6 FEET APART.” No more avoiding crowds on the supposition other people are a lethal threat all of the time. In short sanity rules.

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Here’s Why You Can’t Find Disinfectant Wipes at the Stores

Can’t find disinfectant wipes at the stores it is because they are going to be in short supply until 2021 or so. It’s our own version of the Soviet Union “scramble to buy stuff” (except this isn’t a product of Government planning, just tremendous consumer demand).