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Another Day Under the Pall of a Marketing Campaign Based on False Fear

Media Fear Mongers - Garrison

Another day in the Granite State living under the pall of a marketing campaign based on false fear. One that can’t stand up to scrutiny. In fact, if it were a private company, they’d get sued for false advertising, deception, fraud, and malfeasance. Since it’s the state, we’re supposed to shut up and take it.

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Sorry, that’s not how we roll.

Nine months of data tell the tale. Testing positive for COVID19 means little to almost everyone. And while other media across the print and digital universe continue to milk the fear for clicks, we are bringing you simple facts. “Confirmed Cases” do not amount to even a mild risk of hospitalization or death for the entire student and working-age population.

Your rights are being infringed for no reason other than that we have allowed it.

Here is today’s Threat Index updated – based on the State’s 12-23-2020 daily case summary.


NH COVID 12-23-20 Survival Rate

As a reminder, those over 70 always need to be careful during any flu season, and COVID19 has not been kind. You need to decide for yourselves with family, and your doctor or care provider, what is best for you, as does anyone with respiratory issues or other high-risk comorbidities.

But you should not have to give up your business, job, liberties, friends, Holidays, or anything else – endure quarantine or wear a mask (unless you want to do that) if you decide the risk is acceptable.

You should be free to choose based on an honest presentation of the risk and your tolerance for it.

Note: Yesterday’s update excluded the State’s 12-22-2020 case summary – it has been added.

Previous Reports (published date – Case Summary date will be the day before the republished date)