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COVID19 – The Largest Documented Case of Stockholm Syndrome in History


We are approaching the first anniversary of “Two Weeks to Flatten the Curve.™” But before that, we have the first anniversary of the first “confirmed case” of coronavirus in New Hampshire. That’s two weeks from today, on March 2nd.

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We know now that this test may have been a false positive. It and thousands more that followed. We’ve known that for almost a year.

We know that states with few if any restrictions (no masks, distancing, travel restrictions, or quarantine requirements) have a similar or better case and mortality rate as states that took extreme measures or those in between.

We know that, as reported nearly a year ago and repeatedly that Hydroxychloroquine and zinc are an exceptional and safe prophylactic treatment for this Chinese Virus, among others. It is a life-saving therapy that is cheap and effective for everyone.

We know that political fearmongering is responsible for stunting the use and access to HCQ. That it has prolonged the fear, the abuses of power, a tangential censorship and information embargo, as well as the “we must take the vaccine” to return to normal. No, we do not.

All lies.

Everything the Public Health Establishment fearmongers claimed is falling apart as stories trickle out that confirm reporting (and testimony by doctors and virologists and epidemiologists) we began sharing almost a year ago.

The threat was always minimal unless you are over 65 and ill, to begin with (comorbid), and very likely overweight.

Zero Point Zero Six Two Seven Percent (0.062%).

That’s the mortality rate in the Granite State for the majority of the entire population. The odds of hospitalization after nearly a year is only 0.548 percent. Spikes, no spikes, masks, no masks, and that’s only if you tested positive.

Let’s add the 1.23 million (ish) Granite Staters who have either never been tested or never tested positive, according to state data? Regardless of age, comorbidity, or any other factor, your odds of surviving this public health emergency is 99.91%.

If we filter out the high-risk age groups, your survival odds tested or not are so close as to be indistinguishable from 100% unless you committed Sunuicide after lockdowns reduced your life to drug abuse, depression, or domestic violence. No offense, but they are not counting you.

In celebration of these facts, the Governor quietly re-upped his state of emergency for the (sweet) sixteenth time the other day.

And people think he’s doing a good job. That makes you part of the largest documented case of Stockholm Syndrome in history.


Nh COVID Threat Index 2-15-21