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Why It Will Soon Be Too Late To Find Out Where The Covid-19 Virus Originated

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The origin of the Coronavirus that causes Covid 19 has been a mystery. It was first identified in Wuhan, China, and then spread around the world within weeks. Scientists have tried for months to figure out how it started, but they are still unsure. They think it may have come from bats or camels. But there’s another theory floating around that says it could have begun as early as December 2019 at an animal market in Guangdong province.

Let Us Now Move Forward And Understand Where Did This Virus Come From

Well, many theories say that it originated from China. But before going into details, let’s take a look at the history of Coronavirus. This virus was discovered in the 1930s when scientists found out that bats were carrying viruses. These viruses had similar characteristics as SARS which caused an outbreak in 2002. Later, researchers identified two types of Corona Viruses: Alpha and Beta. Both kinds of Coronaviruses cause respiratory diseases.

Covid-19 And Its Implications

This virus was at first identified in December 2019, when a cluster of pneumonia cases was reported from Wuhan city, Hubei province, China. On January 7th, 2020, Chinese authorities announced that they had found an etiological agent for this outbreak: SARS-CoV-2. Since then, this virus has basically spread to more than 100 countries worldwide, with over 3 million confirmed infections and 200 thousand deaths as of March 31st, 2020. It is approximately estimated that there are about 5 billion people at risk worldwide. In Italy, the number of infected patients increased by almost 10% between February 24th and 27th, reaching 1,921 new positive tests.

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Infection Routes

SARS-CoV-1 and MERS-CoV are transmitted via respiratory droplets or direct contact with contaminated surfaces; however, no evidence exists regarding how COVID-19 spreads among humans. A recent study showed that aerosol transmission might occur during procedures such as intubation and bronchoscopy, but further studies will need to confirm these findings.

Aerosols can remain suspended in the air for hours after release into the atmosphere, which means that airborne viruses could potentially infect large numbers of individuals if released near crowded places like schools, hospitals, restaurants, etc., where many people congregate. However, most human-to-human transmissions appear to involve close personal contact rather than long distances. It is now generally believed that the main route of infection is a person to person transmission.

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However, we do know that animals play a role in spreading the disease.

There Are Several Ways In Which Animal-To-Human Transmission Occurs.

Animals can transmit pathogens to humans in three ways:

  • Direct Contact – An animal bites someone or scratches itself against something that carries infectious material.
  • Indirect Contact – Through fomites – For example, touching an object that comes in contact with an animal’s body fluids.
  • Airborne Transmission – From coughing or sneezing.

Why Do We Have No Answer To Its Origin, And What Are The Theories That Are Around

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Theory 1: Bats carry viruses

Bats are mammals like humans, but unlike them, they do not breathe air directly into their lungs. Instead, they use specialized organs known as “lungs” to inhale oxygen through tiny holes in their skin.

Scientists think that bats caught windborne diseases during hunting trips and then passed them onto each other via saliva droplets. Some researchers even suggest that bats may play a role in spreading Ebola. But what does this mean for Covid-19? Well, according to Dr. David Fisman, Professor Emeritus of Economics at Yale University, bats are likely to be carriers of many types of disease. He says: “Bats are probably responsible for transmitting several hundred infectious agents to human beings.” One theory suggests that bats carried the original strain of the Coronavirus to humans. Another suggestion is that the virus came from snakes. Snakes are thought to have evolved alongside bats and share similar habitats.

This theory states that this virus might have jumped into humans when someone tried to consume a pangolin infected by a bat.

Theory 2: Lab Leak Theory

One theory that has gotten much prominence and highly debated and then rejected and then again got some attention was the lab leak theory, which stated that the Virology Lab in Wuhan was conducting some research on CoronavirusCoronavirus to test its efficiency. Some due to accident the virus leaked and one of the staff members was infected by it. It was case zero where all the infections are said to have originated. But this story lost tractions when it was reported that China was using it to weaponize the virus.

Theory 3: Foreign origin

One theory that China believes and wants everyone to consider is that this virus originated in foreign and was released into China by US participants who had visited China during the Wuhan Military games.

The studies related to the virus’s origin need proper planning, time, and cooperation of all the world bodies. It must have been a science-driven study rather than political implications. But what we have observed over the last two years is that the world is involved in a childish Blame-game as to where the virus originated. First, China had an objection to naming the virus Wuhan, though the first cases seemed to have evolved from the same area. Later China hypothesized the theory of it being leaked by US military officials.

Later a WHO team was sent in to inquire about the Covid-19 virus in China in early January of 2021, but they were callously subjected to various delays in china. They were quarantined, and different information was withheld from them. They were made to work around sanctioned places where they were able to access limited information. There was a major lack of transparency from the Chinese end.

Finally, when the WHO team submitted the report to the World Submitted in February, the origin of the virus was inconclusive, and they needed more evidence to support their research.

There is a lack of transparency among world bodies about the origin of the virus, and that is the main reason we would never know how, where, and why the virus originated and its implications.


While concluding, it can be said that a proper investigation into the origins of the Covid-19 would have prevented such mishaps in the future. But since there was no transparency in the worlds working government, the results of the studies conducted were inconclusive.


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