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Odds of Surviving a Positive COVID19 Test Result Continue to Climb in NH

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Testing positive for COVID19 is the end of the world if you believe the noise machine. But it’s not. That might be because the primary test (PCR) is crap. But we’ve embraced their crap as part of our ongoing analysis becasue the tyrants did, and the odds of surviving continue to improve.

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We’ve been posting the daily COVID19 Threat Index for New Hampshire for a week and a day. In that time, the odds of living should you test positive, already incredibly high, have improved.

NH COVID 12-15-20 to 12-22-20 Survival Rate

These are good numbers, and while we’d like to see the 60-69 and 70+ more improved, life expectancy in America is in the mid 70’s so that would take more than whatever the hell this is we’ve been doing. And we would not be trampling on people’s rights to get there (at least I hope not).

Here is today’s standalone Threat Index Update. (State case summary for 12-22-2020)

Note: PDF to 12/22 case summary has been added

NH COVID 12-22-20 Survival Rate


As a reminder, those over 70 always need to be careful during any flu season, and COVID19 has not been kind. You need to decide for yourselves with family, and your doctor or care provider, what is best for you, as does anyone with respiratory issues or other high-risk comorbidities.

But you should not have to give up your business, job, liberties, friends, Holidays, or anything else – quarantine or wear a mask (unless you want to do that) if you decide the risk is acceptable.

You should be free to choose based on an honest presentation of the risk and your tolerance for it.


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