Remember Last Year when a "Journalist" Got Pissy at us For Suggesting Everyone Was Falsely Inflating Coronavirus Deaths? - Granite Grok

Remember Last Year when a “Journalist” Got Pissy at us For Suggesting Everyone Was Falsely Inflating Coronavirus Deaths?

Everyone dies from coronavirus today

When I shared this picture ⇑ on the ‘Grok Facebook page 14-months ago, people lost their minds. One of them, Travis R Morin, a so-called journalist, got into a pissing match with Skip about what the image meant.

A year later, the cartoon means exactly what it meant then—the systemic fudging of numbers, from testing to deaths.

By August of 2020, the CDC had significantly reduced its official numbers.

They have since changed the testing metrics for determining a positive case to a cycle count number (on a test we’d reported as unsuited and deliberate faulty) that would have all but eliminated evidence of any sort of pandemic or the ensuing panic or politics.

And the CDC will no longer count any Coronavirus “infection” that did not result in hospitalization or death by COVID19.

In January, the WHO admitted that a “positive” test does not mean you have COVID– that’s how bad they were.

And even Alameda County in the People’s Republic of California is getting in on the roll-backs, massaging its death count backward.

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But for all the months prior, every death with corona, regardless of whether it was the cause, counted as a COVID19 death.

That cartoon we shared makes fun of what we knew way back in April of 2020.

One of many things, by the way, that are becoming accepted facts but for which we got dinged by the Anti-Social Media Stasi and left-harridans like Morin, as fake news.

So, where’s Travis R. Moring with a super-scientific follow-up or in-depth investigative coverage of the real scandal? The fraud created fear and response. All the lives and livelihoods damaged by an overreaching political response he appears to have supported.

Incentivized by political pressure and monetary gain.

I have not looked. Maybe Travis has “penned” just such a piece, and it is waiting to be read, but I doubt it.

As with most of the Covidiots, while calling us anti-science, we were on top of the actual science shortly after the fearmongering began. We didn’t even give it two weeks. The BS was evident within days.

And now that is slowly creeping out as the new consensus which we also predicted.

We do not expect anyone to apologize.

No, we expect nothing from you, not even the humble acceptance of the rhetorical beatings we will continue to deliver as our science becomes yours.

But the rhetorical beatings will continue.