Travis R Morin (writer for The Hippo and Union Leader) calls me a racist for not much of a reason - Granite Grok

Travis R Morin (writer for The Hippo and Union Leader) calls me a racist for not much of a reason

Everyone dies from coronavirus today

Gotta love these journalists that think that being “woke” is more important than being, well, a journalist. Who look at a cartoon and have no clue what the real point of it is. Instead, they go on a rant and prove to us that “Journalism – not!” is a true meme.

I also wonder what his employer, specifically the Union Leader, will think of one of their employees calling a paying customer a racist (and yes, I have a paid subscription to the UL)?

As we’ve been following the Kung Flu/China Flu/Wuhan Flu/Chinese Flu/Coronavirus/COVID-19 story here in NH, what has been bubbling up is “are the stats that Govt is feeding us plebes correct?”. Kinda important for us even more important for setting policy – especially when those statistics are being used to lockdown Free Citizens for the wrong reason. Like overcounting deaths with a primary reason of COVID-19 (hint: see, I just used a non-racist word – but who knows, these “woke” people see every jot and title of life through “racist glasses”).

Well, Mr. Journalist, Troy R. Morin has such a set of glasses – and a large empty jar called Humor and Satire. He looked at a cartoon that Steve put up on FB and the following ensued:

Travis Morin 1A

Oh no!  “Tone” is back in favor with the SJWs (stealthily disguised as newspapermen – oops, a misgender!). How DARE you be funny when people are DYING – when the real point is that Government either:

  1. can’t get its act together and figure out what a real cause of death is versus a politicized one (the Morin syndrome, now)
  2. doesn’t understand that a truth can be expressed in dark humor.
  3. Humor has a wicked point to it when used in such a manner to point out failures – in this case, Government.

But of course, he still has a shovel and gets he chain yanked by another person that doesn’t “celebrate wokeness”:

Travis Morin 2

And of course, Mr. Travis Morin hasn’t gotten the word that the 100-200K number was false from the get go. Probably didn’t go looking for the memo.

What’s worse, that in claiming that number as his own, he forgot “context” – that would be 0.07% of the 320,000,000 people in the US. While tragic (even the much lower number equaling that the “normal” flu kills every year is as well), you can’t make policy of that. You can’t effectively stop rounding errors unless you want to mess with the 80/20 Rule. But that’s another side of this story – the arbitrary economic lockdown: which will cause more angst in the end?

And the catcher makes the sign, the pitcher nods, and….the Wind Up!:

Travis Morin 3

And the “Kung Flu” throw to home is made….and Travis R Morin hits is Woke Pop-up! But first, another observation on Travis R Morin to enjoy. You know, just to hammer home the message of the original cartoon:

Travis Morin 4

Back to the pitch whereby Travis R Morin reveals his true self to the rest of us: dog whistles?

Travis Morin 6

And yes, I think that my retort of “Glad to see that your journalistic background is so woke instead of informed.

Travis Morin 7b

Heh! Again, context, context, context – but the “Let’s call everyone a racist over what most consider a bit amusing” journalist named Travis Morin is a bit unsettling. But, a great illustration why journalism, in general, has soiled itself and is being bounced into the toilet from a subscription, stock price, and viewer perspective. I guess he can’t stand to see that the polls have used car salesmen more trusted than journalism – and they’ve done it ALL by and to themselves.

Yep – just for using the phrase “Kung Flu”, I’m a racist. A single data point. A single utterance and I’m forever doomed to the hellfire of the Politically Incorrect. That’s fine – it means I still have a sense of humor and I don’t cotton to Cultural Marxist who wish to silence any idea or any discussion on which they disapprove. And, as it seems, he was basically the only one spouting this kind of “lock-step silencing”; most of the others had a great time in roasting him.

Now, I did go to both The Hippo and the Union Leader to see if I could find him listed on any kind a Mast Head; he didn’t rate a mention at all.