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Is a New Political Pandemic Panic Upon Us?

Public health emergency Lisa Simpson

The COVID control freaks are peeking between the curtains, promising to let in a little more light. It will be blinding to many and welcome to some, and for a few impossible to accept. But the real danger is not receding. The Coronavirus was never the real threat.

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The lies and the power are still in control, and a fine example is the morbid celebration of 500,000 coronavirus deaths.

The majority of these people feel no remorse for death or misery that advances their political goals. This is not an exercise in mourning. This expression, the narrative, is a placeholder for future public health tyranny, and the only “outbreak” that matters.

The one you need to resist. A panic not of the people but among our would-be masters regarding their political futures.

As you watch reports of a decline in cases and hospitalization, understand that our hospitals were never at risk of being overwhelmed. That perception was created by political will and then manifested by policy decisions.

A virus did not do this. It was people.

The body counts the testing; even the vaccine narratives are all unnecessary deceptions used to reinforce the serial abuse of political power that will never stop haunting us if not revoked or at least curtailed.

In New Hampshire, at no point – even during the elevated positive-test reporting in December – were you in more danger. We tracked the data. Testing Positive for SARS CoV2 was not a death sentence. It did not mean days or weeks in the hospital. In most cases, it meant nothing.

From Dec 14th, two weeks into our so-called autumn/winter peak, through to February 22nd, the odds of hospitalization or death if you tested positive stayed the same or went down.

12-14 to 2-22 NH covid survival index


Anyone not 65 or older had nothing to fear if they were healthy, nothing at all like what was done to us.

This brings me back to the biggest lie. Hydroxychloroquine. If distributed early, en masse, to anyone who wanted it, this safe, reliable, 50-year-old medicine would have ensured that none of what has transpired in the past twelve months was necessary.

Establishment power-brokers colluding with political partisans in the media and the medical community ignored existing science to create a new one that, coincidentally, made you political prisoners of their will.

The COVID19 Political pandemic may be winding down, but a pandemic panic among politicians needs to rise. They robbed you of your livelihoods and lives, and if there is no legal or political price, they will do it again.