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Compelled speech

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When Michelle Obama Says Censor Donald Trump She Means You

Michelle Obama had her toned and beautiful arms in an uproar the other day. Ban Donald Trump from all social media. You don’t have to love Trump to see the problem. A former First Lady is calling for the blanket censorship of a political opponent. For what must be the thousandth time, are you listening?

Compelled Speech

Facebook Doodlings: LGBT Requires Coerced Speech Or Else!

The LGBT lobby and its adherents make sure that you understand that THEY can demand how you address them. The only proper response to this in a country that has Free Speech as an underlying pillar, is “Up Yours!”


Will Democrats Rob You of Your Right to Remain Silent?

We’ve laid down voluminous amounts of text on free and compelled speech. We defend the former; the left demands the latter. And more recently, they demanded it at random, in public, under threat of harm. If you think that stops should they win, you’d be mistaken.


White Silence is Violence?

If you didn’t think the Left’s demands could not get worse, well, we warned you. Suprise would not be a word suitable to this piece. Militant protesters invaded a restaurant and started chanting, fists raised. One patron, who seemed uninterested or unwilling to participate, became a target of this mob.

Trojan Horse

Proving Once Again That Journalists Are Mouthpieces for Socialists

We Conservatives want the other side to keep talking and talking and talking – and the Left lives to silence their opponents.  It is becoming clear that “journalists” are becoming the shock troops for the socialists Cancel Movement, where only the “approved” speech can be uttered.

Compelled Speech

New Hampshire Legislature Considers Bill to Compel Online Speech

Brookline Republican Jack Flanagan has a bill with all the best of intentions. HB1157 is an Act relative to liability of New Hampshire news media for failure to update stories on criminal proceedings. What does that mean? Media could be required to update stories under penalty of law.