Pelosi Introduces Compelled Speech in the US House of Representatives - Granite Grok

Pelosi Introduces Compelled Speech in the US House of Representatives

Pelosi tears up SOTU

The new House rules package uses gender-neutral pronouns and familial relationships. This is “Newspeak.” It is an effort by this totalitarian regime to limit vocabulary. Clearly they feel the need “to diminish their range of thought.” That’s what works for House Democrats.

According to the U.S. Constitution the House of Representatives is given the responsibility for national finances, the budget, our purse strings. The House has not produced a budget yet this century. There is a problem with that. The federal government is now spending trillions of dollars more than it is taking in.


The Democrats in being “inclusive” are eliminating the terms “man,” “woman,” “mother,” “son,” and “daughter.” That would seem to be exclusive. But hypocrisy is lost on Democrats. They should ban the Bible, too. After all it includes such words.

Certainly, the House should now have only unisex restrooms. Gender-specific changing rooms in the House gym must be done away with, unisex will do. How comfortable will a formerly female member or staffer be when it walks into a restroom and finds several former men already there? The House leadership have their own restrooms. It’s another instance where the rules are for thee not for me.

What will the newly installed House chaplain be required to say under these new rules? Instead of praying to “Heavenly Father” it will have to say “to whom it may concern” in order to satisfy gender neutrality?

Man… Woman

In a preview of what’s coming, last Sunday Rep. Emanuel or Ewomanuela Cleaver said the opening prayer. The Washington Times reported, Cleaver said: “‘in the name of the monotheistic god,’ then added what sounded like ‘Brahma,’ before finishing with ‘and god known by many names by many different faiths. Amen and a-woman.'”

Interestingly, the word ‘Amen‘ is a Biblical Hebrew word: אמן. It is a word simply meaning ‘may it be so.’ It has nothing to do with the word ‘man’ or ‘woman.’ It is FROM HEBREW. The inclusionary mandate is stupid though insane is probably be a better description. The new rules package is 45 pages long. It also includes a promise to continue fighting COVID-19. Members are able to carry firearms at the Capitol.

Can you hear it now? The House Sergeant at Arms announces the arrival of the president for “it’s” State of the Union address. And from now on it’s just “Speaker” following the person’s name. That is unless names connote gender… Is the House requiring Representatives to change them or are they all going to go by their seat number? Today’s House leadership and their ridiculous rules we should refer to as 666 et al or allana.