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Transgender Mob Willing To Trash Free Speech (for All) if It Silences Their Opponents

The same old story. We on the Right want the Left to talk, talk, talk, and talk even more. The Left demands our SILENCE!  And that just got reinforced by a person from my hamlet with a message.

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If he (a man suffering from gender dysphoria) can’t silence his opponents’ message (“Nashua Removes “Save Women’s Sports” Flag, Claims Neutrality“), he’s perfectly fine with shutting down EVERYONE’s speech (even on his own side).

The topic, as you can see from the link, was the raising of the “Save Womens Sports” flag on Nashua’s “Free Speech” flagpole. I am of the mind that once a man, always a man regardless of what you think you may be. As I have said before, that’s your business. If your friends and family accept that, the more the better. However, don’t demand that others join in the delusion just because it would make you feel justified.

So, as Steve does all the time, the post was placed over on our Facebook page where this conversation happened; the utter lack for the Free Speech Rights of others was apparent from the get-go (emphasis mine, reformatted):

Nelle Douville: It damn well should have come down.

Well, that’s pretty clear – if you believe that biology is actually a thing, that science matters, well, tough nuggies.  You lose to an ideology that says that “I can be anyone or thing and you HAVE to believe me”. It is a “MY viewpoint shall not be abridged” statement (Dontcha just wish they’d accept that in terms of the Second Amendment?).

But I, and a lot of people, would prefer to believe our lyin’ eyes over such a demand:

GraniteGrok: The city created a “free speech zone” by designating that flag pole for citizen usage.

Are you know saying, Nelle, that only CERTAIN messages are permissible? Wasn’t the purpose of the First Amendment to PROTECT THE EXPRESSION of speech you (or I) don’t like?

GraniteGrok: Please explain, Nelle, why you would refuse a political message?

GraniteGrok: As well as a basic biology / biophysiology one?

GraniteGrok: And, Nelle, as you have espoused Equality in the past, should not these folks that have had their Rights abridged be able to have abridged your’s when the Pride flag was flown?

Is Equality, in this case, for ALL or just the SOME?

Beth Scaer:  Please explain. I haven’t yet received a good explanation for why my flag should have been removed. It appears that some people’s feelings were hurt and the Mayor wanted to make them feel better. That is a very bad way to run a city.

Nelle Douville: Believe as you wish to believe. However, running a flag up a pole that in essence trashes transfolk is not appropriate. I’d certainly not like it if you put an anti-choice flag up there and you would not like it if I put a pro-choice one.

My understanding is it did not fall within the guidelines established for its use.

Note: it has come out that there are NO guidelines for it usage at this time.

GraniteGrok: hat is a typical Leftist answer – any speech that is contra to that of the Left MUST, by definition, be SILENCED. No “trashing was done”

And as far as your “choice” question is concerned, I may (actually, I do) disagree with a pro-choice flag BUT YOU HAVE THE FIRST AMENDMENT RIGHT to say / show that message and I would be standing with you in defending that Right.

GraniteGrok: And, apparently, you would throw someone who is pro-life to the political wolves. Like I intimated – Free Speech, in your eyes, is only for SOME and not ALL.

And here comes the SILENCING of any message in order to protect the trans message.

Nelle Douville:  I would not put either on that pole, and that was my point. Nice try.

Really? Think about what Nelle just said – and if that kind of thought was charge of our public discourse, “Orwellian” wouldn’t even begin to do its justice. If you think that the actions of Twitter and Facebook were wrong in Silencing the story that Gropey Joe DID know about his son’s connections with Burisma and the money associated?  Trump’s campaign account was locked, his Press Secretary’s account was locked – the NY POST that broke the story had THEIR account locked.  Censorship.

And that’s what Nelle is in favor of implementing simply because someone (actually, a lot of people) disagrees. That’s WRONG! It is un-American and antithetical to our Founders vision.

And another Grokster waded in:

Kimberly Morin:  Transfolk like you are trashing actual women’s and girls’ rights. THAT is far more egregious than a damn flag.

Nelle Douville:  Again, nice try. You damn well know better, but like your fake president, you will lie to suit your needs.

Put a flag up that says ‘we support women’s sports’.

Kimberly Morin: It’s a FACT. That’s women radical left-wing feminists fight against you as well. You’re the only one here lying. You seek to harm actual women and girls. People need to know the truth. You ARE trying to harm women and girls’ sports, along with a slew of other areas that harm women like allowing biological men into rape center and domestic abuse shelters.

GraniteGrok: Kimberly, Nelle is transgender (to my knowledge).

Kimberly Morin:  She is. She has the freedom to be whoever she wants but she does NOT have the freedom to infringe upon MY rights as an actual woman, which is exactly what the trans bill she supported does.

And then I waded back to Nelle:

 GraniteGrok: The heckler’s vote, then. Sorry, I would never allow such a condition, where ALL speech is disallowed. In this, you are still willing to Silence those with whom you disagree and that is wrong. Taking out your allies’ speech in doing so, then, is just collateral damage that is an acceptable loss (or so it seems).

I also make it a rule, for myself, that when someone attacks another Grokster, I refuse to leave that Grokster behind”

GraniteGrok: Nelle, you’ve now made an accusation (accusing Kimberly of lying) – can you back it up? Can you provide proof?

Dennis Demars (to Kimberly):  he’s not a woman

Kimberly:  She’s a trans woman. I respect an individual’s right to believe whatever they want of themselves. It’s when the line gets crossed into altering the definition of MYSELF as a woman that I have a problem and fight back.

Dennis Demars: why call her a she? He’s a cross dressing man with gender dysphoria. She needs psychiatric help.

Dennis Demars:  Agreed and I’m not for a minute going to support such nonsense when born men want to compete in women’s sports. Trans woman are not woman plain and simple. They are cross dressing men that identify as women. They identify as women but I don’t have to identify them as such. This world has gone nuts!

Kimberly Morin: You’re right, you don’t have to until they force you to via the long arm of the law, which is exactly what the trans bill did.

While Kimberly and Dennis were talking about transwomen specifically, my beef with the entire gender dysphoria movement is that over of free speech. Many NH School Districts STILL have policies that take away the Free Speech and coerce the thoughts of their students and their staff.

Here’s the bottom line: those that do that are Tyrants. Tyrants force you to believe something that you know is wrong, demonstrably wrong. Like 2+2=5 wrong. Yet that is what they have, are, and will continue to do. And many of you, for a lack of trying (or trying to ignore it and hoping, like the bear joke (“I only have to outrun you”) that they’ll leave you alone).

They won’t. “YOU WILL BE MADE TO CARE” – their way and in agreement with their politics. They will be after you forever. Nelle, while not to the intensity and number (YET)of how Antifa is rioting and screaming at ordinary folks who simply are in their homes or at a restaurant or bar MUST agree with them, is one of their ideological kin.

There cannot be any dissent. Nelle agrees – there cannot be any dissent and you MUST agree with the gender dysphoria movement.

And Nelle is willing to destroy one of America’s greatest strengths – Free Speech. It is part of the transformation of America – that you willingly decide to give up to the Collective.

Will you let them do this?