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Facebook Doodlings: LGBT Requires Coerced Speech Or Else!

Compelled Speech

The LGBT lobby and its adherents make sure that you understand that THEY can demand how you address them. The only proper response to this in a country that has Free Speech as an underlying pillar, is “Up Yours!”

From our Facebook page below our post “Book-Burning ACLU-NH Trans Justice Organizer Axed,” just such a discussion ensued. Here’s my part of it (reformatted, emphasis mine here):

Alissandra Rodriguez-Murray: soooo why is this news exactly? Most organizers are transitioning into new roles because the *election is over*. ACLU is one of my organizations doing a structural rehaul. Also you can disagree with and critique Palana without using the wrong pronouns. It’s just common decency.

And that is the crux of the problem and here – at the base of this – is to manipulate everyone into believing that someone can assume being the other gender wholly and completely and it not being a lie. I’m sorry, that’s a full stop for me.

Not only is it not “Follow the Science” as the Left demands (as if Science is the only factor in life that matters that trumps all else), it’s a twisting, for many, of human reality. It also is, as I have said for years, the Left’s obfuscating that which is part of their Agenda but using the “camel’s nose under the tent” technique.

And here’s a great example of doing that by semi-trying to change the floor of the debate. Alissandra has a great example of how it is done:

Alissandra Rodriguez-Murray: … can you provide a definition of a woman that isn’t just the definition of someone’s biological sex?

See, sleight of hand – take biology off the table, and what is left?  Only what the Left wants – relativism and the ability for THEM to redefine the terms of the debate. The only right response:

GraniteGrok:  Nobody can give a definition of a woman WITHOUT referencing biology – that’s just not following Science.

“…Palana without using the wrong pronouns. It’s just common decency.”

No, it has nothing to do with common decency. If you are a man that wants to call yourself a woman, have at it. If you have friends and family members willing to go along with this delusion, well, knock yourself out.

But DON’T demand that the rest of us enable it. 2+2 does not equal 5 – don’t demand or require the rest of us to believe that which is a lie. That is coerced speech that is being demanded – a total rejection of one of our Constitutional Republic’s foundational pillars – Free Speech.

You do support Free Speech, right?

Confront the switcheroonee head on once recognized. Bring the debate back to the beginning and make SURE that the words of the debate are properly defined (no wiggle room). And always stand firm on one’s actual Right that pertains to the debate. Of course, you’ll get pushback:

Alissandra Rodriguez-Murray:  again, you’re confusing sex and gender. And yes I believe in free speech, which is why I will continue you to call you all transphobic aholes for not being decent enough to refer to someone properly. It has zero impact on you how any person identifies, and deadnaming and using wrong pronouns is just mean and rude.

Again, with the constant redefinition of words. And note how she makes it clear that SHE can have Free Speech but the rest of us can’t. See, pushing back brings out their totalitarian selves as well as making it clear how and what they think of us that refuse to be assimilated. Note, too, the creation of a new word, deadnaming, which has about as much sway with me as their inane phrase “assault weapons” or “weapons of war” that describe century-old semi-automatic rifles. It’s nothing more than a guilt-inducing technique – just ignore it or make fun of it (and I should have at the time but missed it).

GraniteGrok:  And once again we see the Left trying to redefine what used to be our common language. Gender and sex are the same thing and were associated with biology until Critical Theory proponents decided to use “gender” as something new to act as a wedge issue politically.
I am unpersuaded because words have definite meanings and I don’t go along with redefinitions simply because of politics.

Again, call them out on the technique and render it useless by refusing to give an inch on what you know to be true:

Alissandra Rodriguez-Murray:  the article was about a job change. Also look up the actual definitions of gender and sex and you’ll find they have slight differences that have existed for years


GraniteGrok:  I’m not interested with job change. You made an assertion that is provably false”

“can you provide a definition of a woman that isn’t just the definition of someone’s biological sex?”

with the nuance that biology doesn’t matter. It does – completely. If you decide that biology doesn’t matter, then nothing matters at all. Which, seemingly, is the strategy of the Left. Undermine that which prevents the Left’s agenda. Remove all of the underpinnings that are roadblocks to that Leftist value until only a “hole” is left and then fill it in with crapola and hope that others won’t spot the changes.

Not working here.

Which forced her to actually state the redefinition:

Alissandra Rodriguez-Murray:  gender = social construct.  sex = biological construct. ie varying chromosomes and combinations of genitalia.
Biologically there are already multiple sexes, not two. gender is a social construct we’ve aligned with different sexes. it’s just simplistic, out of date, and not accurate. that’s why so many cultures around the world and throughout millennia have had more than just “man” and “woman”.

Really, humans have always been multiple sexes? I admit that as old dirt compared to this young person (who calls herself pansexual and non-binary so she’s all in on redefining sex/gender on the Progressive spectrum of delusion) but all of the science books I’ve had show humans are either male or female (with hermaphroditism being a very tiny percentage different from normal). It’s clear, being a young person and the words she’s using, that our Educational system has failed her. But then again, I’m just an old white guy so what do I know – her history started a couple of days before she was born…

By keeping to standard definitions and actual Science, you may not persuade them otherwise but they will know that you aren’t one that will just give in to their solipsism.

GraniteGrok:  It is only a “social construct” because that is what the Left is claiming. Holding a Bachelor’s in Biology, it’s all hooey. Like the politically made up term “assault weapon”. Now, there IS such a thing as an “assault rifle”. And no, an “assault weapon” is not a “weapon of war” – the military wouldn’t use it as a main battle rifle because it is just a semi-automatic.

But the Left IS weaponizing words that used to have common definitions which are being warped for the Left’s agenda. Thus, I reject any ongoing efforts to destroy what used to be our common language. Gender = Sex = Gender = Sex.

As I said above, if you are a man or woman that believes you are the opposite sex / gender, fine – go live your life. If your family and friends go along with the delusion, count yourself blessed. Demanding that the rest of us accept this delusion is both coerced speech on the way to totalitarian coerced thought: 2 + 2 = 5. Believe that which is patently false is what they want.

If you do, welcome to Totalitarianism. Once they can make you believe that which is untrue, we have lost our Freedom.

You know, the Collectivists that make up the Left are all about the group and rail against another pillar of our Republic: the recognition of the Individual. For them, the Group is primary except in this case in which it has been politically weaponized. Here is a perfect example of using an Individual to subvert the principle of Individualism for the greater good of the Collective Progressive’s Political Identity Groupism.

It’s like using our Rights to defame those Rights.  Don’t let them.