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New Hampshire Technical Institute Adds Preferred Pronoun Stickers to Staff Name Badges

NHTI Preferred Pronouns

In an email sent system-wide this week, New Hampshire Technical College (NHTI) went full spectrum. Anyone with a name badge can stop over at “Student Affairs” (is that like Ashley Madison?) and get Preferred Pronoun stickers. It’s all part of being inclusive or something.

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According to the email, 

Creating a diverse and inclusive campus can be a complex task, but the important thing is to get started. One step campuses are taking to ensure communications are inclusive is enabling conversations about people’s gender pronouns.

Gender pronouns are words that an individual would like others to use when talking to or about them. The most commonly used pronouns are “he, him, his” and “she, her, hers.” People who are transgender or gender nonconforming may choose to use pronouns that don’t conform to binary male/female gender categorizations, such as “they, them, theirs.”

If you would like to add your pronouns to your name tag, please feel free to stop by Student Affairs to get your pronoun preference sticker.

Image Laura Pantano, Ed.D. Vice President of Student Affairs NHTI – Concord’s Community College.

Do they have ‘Your Exalted Supreme Majesty?’  Probably not. Not very inclusive.

Of course, as our readers are well aware, the inclusiveness agenda is the opposite. It is the imposition of a set of ideological priorities at the expense of any other. It takes us down a path that leads to compelled speech.  And it sacrifices the desires and cultural diversity of others in pursuit of conformity to ideas that are a set of proscribed gender “norms.”

It is precisely what it claims to be combatting.

Diversity is a lie. Inclusion is about exclusion.

NHTI is in Concord, so this is not surprising, but you’d like to think a “technical College” would understand the binary nature of the universe.  Since it has gone the other way, anyone attending should be sure to expect the highest possible grade regardless of the work. It is, after all, more inclusive and enabling to assume your proffered solutions are as good as any other no matter what the authority claims are the correct answers.

Hey, maybe you’ll get a sticker!