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Elementary School Teacher’s Truth Bomb to Committee on Bill to Require LGBT Training


The LifeSite News headline reads, Biology is not Bigotry. A quote from a veteran elementary school teacher taking issue with a proposed law that would mandate gender sensitivity training she says violates the Constitution.

Her testimony occurred during a July 10 California Senate Education Committee hearing regarding AB 493, a measure known as “Teachers: lesbian, gay, bisexual, transgender, queer, and questioning pupil resources and training.”

Her remarks paint a stark reality for any state, but especially New Hampshire. Our socially liberal Republican governor has aided and abetted the Left-wing agenda on these issues. Lawsuits are inevitable, especially on the subject of boys in girls’ sports.

The purpose of the training being given is to “seek to coerce teachers and students to accept and express ideas about gender and gender identity that may violate their individual beliefs and consciences,” said Olsen, “especially those who subscribe to the gender binary, which is rooted in objective biology as opposed to subjective thoughts or feelings.”

“Biology is not bigotry,” declared the first-grade teacher.

This is compelled speech. It also violates the rights of conscience. Neither violation will stand up to a Supreme Court Challenge.

Yes, private companies may feel inclined to embrace this nonsense – and are free to do so – but any aspect of society that spends public money and tries to mandate this is ripe for an expensive lawsuit. Not that California cares how much of their taxpayer’s money they waste to promote and advance their far-left agenda.

They don’t. And this committee is no exception.

Listen to the testimony then accept the fact that while we can appreciate the truth her words, the committee did not. They advanced the legislation despite the reality that it violates peoples’ rights and will result in an expensive and lengthy legal battle they will lose.

Her testimony starts at 5:20

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