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Sununu Sun King Laughing

The Predictable, Ugly, Violent Consequences of “CRITICAL RACE THEORY”

This: And this … CRITICAL RACE THEORY … is what Chris Sununu, and his fellow NHGOP-Corporatists, want indoctrinated in New Hampshire schools and New Hampshire businesses … IN ORDER TO SERVE THEIR WOKE CORPORATE MASTERS (and keep the corporate donations flowing). Never forget whose side Sununu and the Corporatist-NHGOP are on … IT’S NOT YOURS.

Cult of personality

Let Me See if I Understand This…

A big issue with former President Trump is that he accepted, fostered or encouraged a “cult of personality.” Remember former President Obama, the Bringer of Light, who was going to heal and unify the country? Remember the online video of Leftist celebrities pledging to serve him, rather than the country?

Purge classics History Ramirez, Cartoon

The Purge is Cancellation … Reichstag Fire

What is happening is reminiscent of the Reichstag Fire. Many leftists and opponents of President Trump are calling to purge him and his supporters from public life. Now these purges are beginning in earnest.