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Let Me See if I Understand This…

Cult of personality

A big issue with former President Trump is that he accepted, fostered or encouraged a “cult of personality.” Remember former President Obama, the Bringer of Light, who was going to heal and unify the country? Remember the online video of Leftist celebrities pledging to serve him, rather than the country?

Remember his declaration that the oceans would stop rising? (I hope so, otherwise, their new oceanfront house might be flooded.) That sounds kind of cultish.

So how did Joe Biden, who didn’t really run a campaign, rack up more votes than did Obama?

The media blatantly shilled for Biden while simultaneously trashing Trump. When Biden did appear, he managed to insult potential voters (e.g., “lying dog-faced pony soldier”, “I don’t work for you”, and “I’m taking your AR-14”). C’mon man, that doesn’t sound like a winning strategy.

In case you missed it, Time Magazine did a story on the cabal that “fortified” the election so that the preferred candidate would win. It’s an informative article. I didn’t realize that Time was still “a thing.”

Here’s an interesting point: Jonathan Turley was quoted on the website The Hill as noting that it was “implausible that the huge increase in mail-in ballots didn’t suffer any major glitches.” Hmm. It’s entertaining that Amazon is opposed to mail-in ballots for a union vote. I wonder why.

Without meaning to dredge the brilliant content of Daily Sun letters, one really disturbed me.

Mary Ann Drapcho (2/11/21) actually compared the troubles at the Capitol on January 6th with the terrorist attacks of 9/11/01 when thousands of people were murdered. Unbelievable. How dare she? So far, only one death is directly attributable to January 6th: an unarmed Air Force veteran was shot and killed by a Capitol officer. Where’s the outrage? None? Because she’s white and not a criminal? Officer Sicknick’s cause of death, who was able to return to his office and text his family, has not been determined. The other 3 people apparently died from medical, not traumatic, causes. Since some Lame Stream Media outlets have added 2 officer suicides to the “death toll”, when will it end? Traffic accident deaths in Montana on January 6th? Oy!

I only support actually peaceful protests. (Obviously, an actual revolution would be a different kettle of hot dogs.)