Innovation Comes From Free Speech and Freedom of Thought - Granite Grok

Innovation Comes From Free Speech and Freedom of Thought


Alex Berenson self-published a series of pamphlets on Amazon. They offer a dissenting view about the efficacy of forcing coronavirus lockdowns. The Big Tech response? Amazon is blocking his most recent installment.

Did Amazon cave to public pressure or is it enforcing its own views? You be the judge.

The real question seems to be not the who or the why. The point here is we should not allow these behaviors at all. They have no place in a free society. If you think Berenson is incorrect why not just prove him wrong?

Amazon handled a Hoover Institution senior fellow Shelby Steele offering similarly. Did you know they are declining to stream his documentary “What Killed Michael Brown?” It is about the fatal 2014 shooting of Brown by police in Ferguson, Missouri. It delves into race relations in America.

Are you noticing a pattern developing?

There is what appears to be a systematic and ideologically driven effort to stop ideas. The dissemination of books and films that don’t advance the progressive, Leftist cause is not being allowed.  Things not supporting Leftist dogma cannot come to market.

Is that a problem? Just think about it.

All that’s being said is; we used to welcome debate and freedom of expression. That used to be the Democrat mantra. That helps us innovate, which helps us prosper. Today not so much… It isn’t allowed.

Note, the publishers and platforms are not arguing these books and films are mediocre. They themselves initially agreed to publish or disseminate all of them, for profit. They have merit. The publishers and platforms must concede that point. They paid for them. How else can they explain their own action? For whatever reason, the works are being suppressed and Leftists are responsible.

The subsequent Big Tech flips and flops may arise from fundamentalist progressive pressure. It is exactly the sort of excuse used by social media to “deplatform” and cancel unwelcome politics and ideology. This is repressive behavior.

The Leftist political factions are screeching at receptive Big Tech ears.

And Big Tech is using their government-sponsored monopolies to suppress free speech, censor information, and to allow us to only access what they want to be disseminated when they want it released.

And we are tolerating it which further emboldens it.