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New Hampshire Democrat Chris Pappas Lied to Your Face

Pappas Resist the truth

New Hampshire Congressman Chris ‘Norovirus‘ Pappas (D – NH) lied. Not in passing or in an off-handed way. He wasn’t on a hot-mic. He decided to “Resist” the Truth. He lied during a debate. Flat out lied. About what?

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A relationship with one of those terrible lobbyists about which we hear so much.

Republican challenger Matt Mowers had to remind the Democrat from New Hampshire that,


 “You were dating a corporate lobbyist. And the fact of the matter is you never disclosed. In fact, there are actually rules and regulations. You have to disclose that, especially gifts from lobbyists to the House Ethics Committee, something you’ve never done.”

Pappas flatly denied the charge, calling the allegation “outrageous” and “disgusting.”

“How dare you,” Pappas said. “That is not true, Matt. This is an outrageous charge.”

Pappas’ denial was unequivocal, denying both the relationship and any notion of impropriety. But his tune changed, however, after the Mowers campaign released a set of documents that appear to substantiate the claim that Pappas had a personal relationship with Vann Bentley, a former Policy Counsel for Amazon. According to his LinkedIn page, Bentley worked in that position until November 2019.


Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos isn’t just another billionaire Democrat glad-hander; he’s also one of those .00001% types whom many on the far left treat like a bond villain. Kill the rich, guillotines, serious business for the far left. All the Rich guy missing is a white Persian to stroke to complete the image.

Pappas is fraternizing with the enemy.

That will put a few folks out. The ethics thing will put a few folks out. The lying will put a few folks out. And this can’t or won’t be the only time he lies to hide his suspect judgment, so we clearly can’t trust him (if ever we could), but what bugs me most? is this.


Pappas responded by repeatedly and unequivocally denying any such relationship, saying the claims were “untrue” and “outrageous.” Later on Twitter, he called Mowers’ claims “gutter politics” and attacked them as homophobic.


The knee-jerk reaction to use identity politics and the smear of homophobia to hide his lies.

Chris Pappas was having a relationship with a corporate lobbyist employed by one of the wealthiest men on the planet. It creates a potential for a conflict of interest. And before he realized he could no longer hide the truth (which he appears prepared to continue doing), he accused Mowers of homophobia.


One sign Pappas is in political trouble is that he’s suggesting the attack is homophobic. “Members of the LGBTQ+ community have always been held to a different standard when running for office and Mr. Mowers’s baseless attacks perpetuate those same harmful lines of attack.”

But this is obviously untrue. Refusing to discuss this potential conflict of interest, one that has created problems for other members of Congress, simply because Pappas is gay would be a “different standard.” And Mowers never mentioned the name or sex of Pappas’ alleged partner at any time during the debate.


It’s rotten gutter politics by Pappas and his supporters, and a trend emulated down the political food chain by Democrats all over the state and across the nation. If you were serious about addressing division in the country – and you are not – you’d stop calling people homophobes and racists to hide your malfeasance. You’d end the identity politics purity tests.

But you won’t. And that’s just another reason no one can trust you.