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Amazon Doesn’t Want Its Employees Voting to Unionize By Mail

Jeff Bezos

Amazon employees in Bessemer, Alabama, have organized to form a local labor union. With the vote scheduled for in two weeks, both sides have ramped up the rhetoric. The biggest issue is how employees will vote. One side says vote-by-mail, but the other says don’t.

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The National Labor Relations Board said,

“A mail ballot election will enfranchise employees who cannot enter the voting location for health reasons or due to positive COVID tests,” the board said in its ruling. “In addition, a mail ballot election will protect the health and safety of voters, Agency personnel, the parties’ representatives, and the public during the current health crisis.”

Amazon, naturally, disagrees.

“We believe that the best approach to a valid, fair and successful election is one that is conducted manually, in-person,” an Amazon spokesperson told news outlets. “We will continue to insist on measures for a fair election, and we want everyone to vote, so our focus is ensuring that’s possible.”

Part of their defense for this position is that there’s no outbreak. In the absence of an outbreak, there is no reason to vote by mail.

Unions will do almost anything to gain new members, so any employer should be wary, but this is Jeff Bezos and Amazon. A very wealthy guy who is also very liberal. He is a supply chain oligarch, and vote by mail, just delivered the holy trinity of left-wing dreams.

A Federal government operated entirely by Democrats who are now going to cost Bezos, an otherwise clever guy, a lot of money in many different ways.

He’s got plenty. But whining about a warehouse in Alabama unionizing via vote-by-mail is a bit rich.