To Democrats Hoping for 'Parler' Show Trial - Parler Did it Right, Your FBI Screwed the Pooch. - Granite Grok

To Democrats Hoping for ‘Parler’ Show Trial – Parler Did it Right, Your FBI Screwed the Pooch.


The Left was giddy over the demise of Parler. When the media sold the Democrat narratives about Parler being complicit in the alleged insurrection, a few probably had happy-fits. But Parler is back to set the record straight. They referred dozens of ‘threats’ to the FBI before Jan 6, who then did nothing with them.

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The company said that it had referred “violent content and incitement” from its platform to the FBI over 50 times before Jan. 6. It also warned the bureau about “specific threats of violence being planned” about the Jan. 6 incident.


If you missed that boat, in the run-up to Parler’s de-platforming by Amazon (Apple and Google), the Big Tech Media Conglomerate was happily spreading tales about plots on Parler that went unheeded. That Parler was responsible.


The company added that it had formalized its working relationship with the FBI in November 2020 and began to regularly forwarding screenshots of unlawful posts that called for violence or merited additional investigation for public safety. Such posts include users threatening to kill politicians and former Attorney General Bill Barr.

Parler said it had also alerted the FBI in December to content about specific threats of organized violence at the U.S. Capitol on Jan. 6.


Do a quick check of your search; how many of these self-proclaimed defenders of “The Democracy™” are reporting that the Democracy (the government) was the one that screwed up (again)? Bueller? Bueller? Bueller? Frye?

No Russian Collusion, no foreign-owned interests, and Parler warned the FBI, and the FBI did nothing. It’s almost as if they wanted something to happen or were instructed by career partisan bureaucrats to dismiss the threats or to sit on their hands.

And they did.

By who?