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Should you be a Slave to my fears?

Let My People Go

We should adjust our response based on the data. Instead, we have decided to keep people at home. Everything we have studied about quarantine, typically we quarantine the sick. We have never seen where we quarantine the healthy.

All FISA Bills Are Bad

All The FISA Bills Are Bad

We have not unraveled what happened in 2016. It has not been made public. No one has been held accountable. The agencies involved have the whitewash buckets and brushes out. We know to a mathematical certainty that in 2016 the FISA system was abused.

The Benefits and Setbacks Associated with Political Parties

This refers to groupings of individuals working together by sharing a mutual ambition, vision, and goals for their respective communities. The associations could be formed nationally, regionally, or at local levels, meeting habitually, creating platforms representing their specific values and vision. Furthermore, they send their members or representatives to vie for political seats. The prime …

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Not Stupid… But Very Ignorant

The media should be holding Ocasio-Cortez accountable. She continues her string of profoundly ignorant and hateful statements. She makes her pronouncements often. If she were conservative, male, older, or less photogenic she would be mercilessly pilloried. But the media are no where to be found, they are not doing so. What should we conclude from …

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53%… How’s that possible?

What’s going on? Do you ever feel like people who hold beliefs like yours are being assaulted for expressing their views? Whether it is support for the president, belief that more debt and deficits amounts to passing our problems to the next generation, open borders or frustration with an unelected, unaccountable fourth branch of government, …

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Channeling Thomas Sowell

Discipline and accountability Some years ago Thomas Sowell wrote an article about the utility of discipline and accountability. Come, let’s try to channel a bit of Thomas Sowell. Giving black students in the 1960’s inflated grades when they were admitted with low academic qualifications avoided lots of time wasting hassles for the instructor. Those hassles …

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