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Our Intelligence Agencies Are Out of Control

Shutdown Intelligence Agencies

The Ranking Member on the House Intelligence Committee is Devin Nunes. Yesterday Nunes was making the suggestion for the closure of American intelligence agencies. Yes, he is serious.

These agencies are in place to carry out specific governmental functions. They are answerable to the President and accountable to Congressional oversight. But America’s intelligence agencies appear to be operating independently. They refuse to comply with information requests and appear to have adopted their own policies.

The problem

When executive branch agencies develop and carry out a policy that contradicts the President or Congress an accounting is required. Nunes is correct in this. Our intelligence agencies are out of control. We need intelligence in today’s world. We do not need rogue agencies who are unelected and unaccountable doing as they choose.

Nunes told Maria Bartiromo on “Sunday Morning Futures.” “Every Republican senator and member of Congress should be saying, ‘This is over. We want every damn bit of evidence that every intelligence agency has or it’s maybe time to shut those agencies down… Because at the end of the day our liberties are more important than anything else we have in this country and they have been stampeded over by these dirty cops and the Democratic Party and the media who fails to report on it. ‘”

Nunes notes newly declassified documents from Director of National Intelligence John Ratcliffe. He observes they show former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton is the creator of the Russia collusion hoax to shift public scrutiny away from her email scandal. Nunes said those documents are “smoking guns” that the American people deserve to see.

Nunes direct

“You have corrupt officials and I think that’s the point here. Are you going to go back to elect somebody like Biden who just the other night, Maria, had the audacity to go after President Trump for once again, for what? I think he said that [Trump] had Putin wrapped around his finger. And then [Biden] didn’t answer the question on why did his son get $3.5 million from a Russian oligarch with ties to Putin?” Nunes asked.

“If Ivanka Trump had bit a Big Mac in Red Square by a Russian oligarch they would have locked her up and said this is evidence of collusion. Here you have the media, which is the propaganda arm of the Democratic Party, ignoring all of this! Ignoring all of this for the last four years. And now you have from a debate stage you have, ‘Why did your son get paid $3.5 million from a Russian oligarch?'” he asked rhetorically. “So here you have them blaming Republicans this whole damn time for having something to do with Russia when they have something to do with Russia! I think they believe it is okay for them to take all this money and grift. And they’ll just take it and accuse Republicans of doing it to cover up their tracks.”

Is it time to shutdown intelligence agencies? It is certainly undesirable to have agencies refusing to submit to congressional oversight.