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Maj Toure All Gun Control is Racist

Gun Ownership Surges Among Black Americans

This is good news for liberty and the second amendment. The National African American Gun Association (NAAGA) says it is adding 2000 new members a day as black Americans embrace their need and their right to defend themselves.

6th Annual 2A Rally in NH

Hundreds Descend Upon State House for Annual 2A Rally

The Women’s Defense League of New Hampshire held their annual 2nd Amendment Rally yesterday at the State House in Concord. Despite coronavirus concerns (yes, there was hand sanitizer), hundreds gathered in support of their 2nd Amendment rights and against the outrageous gun control being pushed and passed by Democrats in the legislature. The house passed …

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Virginia Capitol Fence

The Virginia Lesson

Now that the Virginia Gun rally is over, we have to acknowledge that it was indeed a noble, valiant effort. But it was also wasted – too little, too late. They gathered in force, but they were shackled, restricted from carrying firearms on their own State Capitol plaza.  They were fenced-off and caged into a …

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