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Last Chance — Support ‘Grok by Supporting RKBA

Having failed at his attempt to undermine voting rights, and throw money at ‘infrastructure’, President* Biden is now taking aim at guns, so to speak.

Lacking support in Congress, he’s likely to be limited to issuing executive orders making it illegal for ‘rogue gun dealers’ to do things that are already against the law.

But even the fact that he’s looking to make this an issue demonstrates a fundamental cultural problem in this country.  Support for gun control can take root only when people don’t realize that their friends, neighbors, colleagues, and other people around them support the right to keep and bear arms — for hunting, sure, and for sport shooting, absolutely… but more fundamentally because people must remain both armed and educated if they are going to remain free.

That support needs to be made visible.

As it becomes increasingly difficult to publish any viewpoints that don’t support the progressive narrative, it becomes increasingly important to look for other ways to make visible the overwhelming support that conservatives, libertarians, and many independents have for the right to keep and bear arms, as guaranteed by Amendment 2 of the federal constitution, and by Article 2-a of the New Hampshire state constitution.

One way to do that is by wearing the same kind of awareness ribbon that people use to promote awareness of things like breast cancer, autism, and so on.  Head over to to get yours, as pictured above and below.

The pins are made of brass.  The rim is approximately 0.45 inches across.  (The prototype was made from a spent .45 caliber cartridge.)   The headstamp MOLON LABE! (roughly, ‘Come and take them!’) echoes the reply of the Spartans at Thermopylae, when the vastly larger Persian army offered to let them trade their weapons for a guarantee of safety.


Get one for yourself, and some extras for friends and family members.  Send some to your representatives in Concord and Washington.  And wear yours proudly, to inspire those who understand the proper relationship between citizens and their government… and to freak out those who don’t.

For each pin purchased between now and July 4, Granite Grok will receive $3.08 to help defray its operating costs.  

(Don’t like PayPal?  Write to and they’ll tell you where you can send a check.)

Head over to to get yours!