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NH Republican Legislative Majorities, Hear Me: Make NH A 2A Sanctuary State Now!

Second Amendment Sanctuary County

We’ve written a good deal about towns and counties declaring themselves sanctuaries for Second Amendment rights. With Kamalstan around the corner, that practice needs to be elevated. Texas and Arizona are already looking. New Hampshire needs to follow quickly.

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The Granite State needs to consider statewide 2A Sanctuary status.

Bearing Arms took a look at the existing efforts and had some much-needed advice on how New Hampshire could proceed. And it’s got a nice hook to it.

A more meaningful way of approaching the issue would be to take a page from California, oddly enough. The sanctuary state bill limiting law enforcement cooperation with ICE that was signed by then-Gov. Jerry Brown has been upheld by the federal courts, and could easily be used as a blueprint for turning a state like Arizona into a Second Amendment Sanctuary.

Rather than trying to base enforcement (or lack thereof) on the constitutionality of any new gun control law, legislation could declare or specify that local or state law enforcement will not work or assist federal agencies in, say, investigating or prosecuting any non-violent, possessory federal firearm offenses involving legal gun owners.

Using the Democrats’ language but to protect a constitutional right to self-defense. Very nice. For Dems to oppose it on other than the typical hysterical hyperbolic hoplophobic grounds will require them to challenge court-accepted language crafted by leading lights on their moon-bat mothership, California.

So, how about it New Hampshire State legislature? Is this something you can do for us here? Do you have the stones to write it (the right way) and the votes to pass it?

Numerically, you have the numbers. But do those numbers have the principles necessary, and can they pass the gut check? I’m doubtful.

Then there’s Chicken Chris, our “Republican” governor. He’s been great on guns if you can get past all this flirting with “armed protesters” bulls**t from recent weeks. Would this test what’s left of his mettle to support the 2A cause, and could he pass that test?

I’m doubtful.

At the slightest hint that the Feds might withhold a nickel, I think he’ll fold like a cheap tent, but that’s no reason not to try and push as hard as we can to make it happen.

The People’s Republic of Kamalastan will be passing all manner of infringing legislation. If Chicken Chris and our Republican Majority legislature can’t (or won’t) stand up and defend our rights (speech, self-defense, property, search and seizure, any or all of them), maybe even embrace a little nullification power for the good of a people confronted by a tyrannical regime, what good are they?