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6th Annual New Hampshire Second Amendment Rally

WDLNH Hold the Line Constitution

This Saturday, March 14th, 2020, the 6th annual Second Amendment rally will be held on the State House plaza in Concord from 12pm-2pm (facebook event link).

The Women’s Defense League of NH is once again hosting this event and, given the political climate, it promises to be another big one.

For the second year in a row, Democrats in the legislature have submitted a barrage of sweeping anti-2A bills, hoping to turn our “Live Free or Die” state into a gun-free zone they can call “Northern Massachusetts“.  From Red Flag laws, to waiting periods and hunting restrictions, they only have one thing in mind – the incremental disarming of law-abiding citizens.

But unlike states like Massachusetts, New York, Connecticut and Virginia, New Hampshire remains a place where we can exercise our rights without fear of infringement.

Last year, Governor Chris Sununu did his job and thankfully vetoed all of the ridiculous attacks on our 2A rights.  This year, we again need to make our voices heard, telling the Governor to “Hold The Line” and letting the Democrats know that we are watching them.

Many of us have sent emails and letters and made phone calls – now you have an opportunity to show up in person, expressing your personal commitment in fighting against these attacks.

If you can, consider giving up 2 hours of your weekend to show solidarity with your fellow patriot brothers and sisters.

If not us, then who?

PS – There will be a number of raffles and door prizes offered this year, due to the generosity of a number of individuals and businesses! Take a look at some of the items you could win.  Must be present to win.  All firearms will be exchanged through an FFL, containing the required background checks.





















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