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Government To Mandate PLAN Chip In Your Cell Phone

Thinking about upgrading your cell equipment?  Do it now.  Droid

Starting in 2012, those phones will have to have an embedded PLAN chip to allow access to local, state, and federal governments to text you about emergency situations, such as Amber Alerts for missing children. Consumers will be able to choose to opt out of all but “presidential” messages but will have to contact their cell-phone providers to do so.

…Hot Air reports, from an article my Mary Katherine Ham at the Daily Caller, that the government wants to make sure they can reach out an touch you…in the event of an..uh….umm….emergency. Yeah!  I guess this is another one of those rights you’ve got we didn’t know about.  The right to have no choice about the government inserting technology into your stuff so you can be chatted up by DHS or the Oval Office.  (Sounds like workers rights which is actually the mandatory right of unions to charge you for having a job)  And just how long before the "opt out" option is opted out? When can we expect the EPA, the FCC, and how about NLRB, pushing out propaganda disguised as important updates?

So your President wont have to worry about wasting a crisis.  He can just create them as needed, and text them right to your cell phone.  "Be afraid. Be very afraid."

To quote Ms Ham, "We shudder to think of the mission creep."

And mission creep can’t just refer to the messages sent and the decline in opt out options. (Can you say ‘Two minute hate?’)  It must also mean that we will need a federal funded program to  ensure that all ‘Americans’ have this necessary technology–wouldn’t want to leave anyone out just because they can’t afford the portable propaganda phone on their own. 

So all you cell-phone makers, the rent seeking line starts at the Obama campaign 2012 donation line.  Give long and deep, and maybe you can get that "Preferred Provider" status and all the mandatory sales that will go with it. 

Yeah, more Government by the elected, for the elected.  Ain’t it great?


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