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Bar Stool Economics

Left wing tax policy and the class warfare rhetoric they use to advance it crumbles in the face of even the most simplistic analysis. Take the left wing war on the wealthy. They argue that the rich do not pay their fair share even though the rich pay most of the taxes. Here in New Hampshire the Mark Fernald wing of the democrat party apes this ridiculous technique on the matter of New Hampshire property taxes, a notion upon which the social justice mavens and the Granite State “Fair Tax” Coalition are meant to agitate. But neither claim holds water and this cross post from CNHT explains why.

The Sweet Stench Of Left Wing Hypocrisy

The Union Leader wastes no time, exposing Hawkins connection to money she received May 11th from America Votes (out of state left wing donation), which Granite State Progress then used to support the Democrat in the special election she is squawking about, specifically to elect that democrat, in that election.

Is John Lynch In Trouble With Democrats?

The progressive socialists who pull the big red levers at party headquarters invest a good deal of political capitol on bashing big business and the men and women who run them so how do they reconcile their figurehead democrat pimping the potential for 1500 new manufacturing jobs in the state, created by some evil, free market, fortune 100 company?

Stephen Colbert’s Campaign Finance Lesson

“Why does it get so complicated to do this? I mean, this is page after page of legalese,” Mr. Colbert lamented. “All I’m trying to do is affect the 2012 election. It’s not like I’m trying to install iTunes.”

Right To Work Override

If Exxon Mobile demanded $50.00 per month from all its employees, every month, to pay for benefits and it’s political action agenda, the left would shit kittens, protest, and then engage in well funded, partisan series of lawsuits until the company was forbidden from using that money for political activity.

New Hampshire Got Jobs!?

How about some jobs? New Hampshire is reporting an April unemployment rate of 4.9%. … This is unlike last year when the initial “improvement” we saw was actually the result of workforce decline–people had stopped looking or receiving benefits and dropped out of the equation.

Is John Edwards a Scumbag?

It should be a rhetorical question but after Tweeting John Edwards latest declaration of Ass-hattedness to Twitter and Facebook (http://ow.ly/4Y3HP -sorry the Grok link plug in is glitching) the question was asked: