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Shariah versus the Universal Declaration of Human Rights.

Islam, Lying, and the “Golden Rule”

Did you know that Islam has a different worldview than you probably do? Did you know Islamic ethics allow deception? That’s right; sacred deception is a part of Islamic ethics. The term for it is: “Taqiyya.” Here are some ethical rules from the Hadith.

Ilhan Omar

Deception and Treachery in Congress

Somali-born, Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar described the 9/11 terrorist attack as an event where “some people did something” (15:00 mark in video).  She couldn’t bring herself to say “terrorism”, yet alone “Muslim Terrorism” while addressing CAIR, a Muslim lobbying group. Talk about a severe case of cognitive dissonance. With liberty in mind, I don’t have …

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The Sweet Stench Of Left Wing Hypocrisy

The Union Leader wastes no time, exposing Hawkins connection to money she received May 11th from America Votes (out of state left wing donation), which Granite State Progress then used to support the Democrat in the special election she is squawking about, specifically to elect that democrat, in that election.

The Missiles of Venezuela

Can the guy who accepts books from the same dictator who is prepared to represent a significant risk to American interests in the hemisphere–including interests in America, step up and take them out before they are operational? Or does the major troublemaker and regional king maker in Venezuela have a right to intermediate range weapons capable of carrying nuclear warheads, and the ongoing training and assistance of Iran’s Qods force?

Which Is Worse Or Is It Both?

It should come as no surprise to anyone that a guy (Mr. Obama) who sat in a church for years and years and insists he didn’t hear anything that he didn’t (presumably) want to hear, would be any different towards the American people?